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J&J spends billions on traditional advertising and on social media, recent studies show how effective is the social media on utilizing customer to customer message as a powerful mean for customer acquisition and brand building (de Vries, 2017). J&J is strongly present on social media with more than 1.5 million followers on LinkedIn, more than ¾ million followers on Facebook, over 160 thousand followers on twitter and around 20 thousand subscribers on YouTube channel.

But brand communication and marketing is not enough in persuading people to believe in the products. Delivering the promise made is what builds trust and credibility (Kay, 2017). And the efforts to leverage the brand globally by maintaining the brand the same around the world but then again finding a way to activated locally in line with local insights (Johnson & Johnson: New Marketing Philosophy to Build Global Brands, 2017)

It is argued that downstream activities- interaction of the product with the consumer- is driving success in the present time more than upstream activities. Quality or production is No longer the defining pillar for competitive advantage. This advantage lay outside the company with understanding what customers need or want, and meeting and delivering these needs. Some companies move a step ahead to define the needs of the customers and shape their “criteria of purchase”.  Zara for example are some of the businesses that introduce innovative products and then produce them according to demand. Apple’s Steve Jobs is well-known for his word: “it’s not the customers’ job to know what they want”. Sometimes convenience- well distribution of downstream activities- can be the cutting edge for a business more than the products itself (Dawar, 2013). J is a market leader; they understand where the “centre of gravity” lies through understand the sources of competitive advantage and that it is accumulative and lie outside the firm. Also through positioning the business the company choses its competitors. One major success factor is creating customer purchase criteria and need either for products or packaging like Band Aid and First aid kits.