It’s consequences written by 40 diverse writers validating

It’s not by accident that you’re reading this book orthat you made it to Chapter Eleven.  I’mso glad that you’re learning to break generational barriers, overcomestrongholds, and work through the reflective questions found in each chapter.  If you made it this far, your actions say you’re ready for lasting change andthat you value yourself enough to go above and beyond what’snormal.  Hallelujah!  I thank God youdecided to heal; put in the work andlisten to God as He guides and directs you to the next level so you too can passyour test and experience your lasting miracle.

 As you trust in God’s Word and allow Him to guide your hand, you cannotfail.  It’s your personal responsibilityto sacrifice, break strongholds, and take up the whole armor of God in hopesthat others behind you can walk into their destiny.  When you know who you are, you must also knowwhose you belong to so God can continuously elevate you.  God is looking for you to get excited aboutthe next level.

  You can’t just live thedream for yourself.  That’s not thepurpose of God.  God’s purpose for you isthat you dream bigger than yesterday, but it starts with you breaking free ofinternal and external barriers.  You can’t resist or come against the powers of God.  To operate at the next level, you must becomea close friend of God, where you are so dedicated to the task at hand that Heis ready to release you to the next level.

Once you make a conscious decision to walk in your kingdomauthority, you must take God at His word. That’s right!  When God says in Philippians 4:19 (ESV) thatI will supply all your needs.  Heactually means it.  Or, when He promisesthat if you “delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires ofyour heart,” according to Psalm 37:4 (ESV). When God blesses you with influence to impact the world, He blesses youso you can impact someone else.  Everypromise was written in an activeblueprint found in the Bible.

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  It’sstrategically mapped out and broken down into 66 books detailing laws, rules, commandments, principles, and consequences written by 40 diverse writers validatingthe works of one powerful being-God. Understand this spiritual truth like Joseph… Your shift starts with a dream far beyond where you are sitting, standing, or the pit youfeel like you’re trapped in.  I’ve come to realize over the years that limitationscan be those internal barriers like those mental roadblocks that tell you…”You’re not good enough.  You can’t complete this or that.”  God desires for you to dream beyond what yousee today.  No one is responsible for the choices or the energy youput out into the universe, but you.  But remember, you were put on this earth tochange the heart of God’s people and be a rescue to brokenhearted or lostspirits.

  But to empower others, you mustfirst empower yourself by diving deeper into His word and encouraging yourselfwith timely wisdom where you access the throne of the Holy Spirit.  Your spiritual journey during this scaredtime is where God surgically remove or mend the broken pieces that you’veamassed during impact.  While you seekspecial attention from the Master during SpiritualTriage™, this is where you are placed on a special spiritual diet to startrecovery.  This self-care prescription isfull of God’s Word and spiritual truths. The number of times per day in which you carefully administer your scripturaldosage, your recovery time is cut in half. As you feel His blessings hoovering over you, you’ll start to see Himsending forth gatekeepers, fierce prayer warriors, and battlefield soldiers withhealing hands to help you along the way.

 What is yourintention with God’s promises for your life? Is it to help others or help yourself?What do you want todo for the Lord?How can your giftempower and impact others?How are you fillingyour mission in life?What does yourmission say about you?What is the realmotivation behind you writing a book, starting a business, seeking newemployment, etc.?How will yourplatform create a positive shift in the universe?Is your intention foryour gifts and talents to impact or empower others?You’re a spiritual force that’s meant to empowerothers as you constantly seek the Lord’sface.   As you selflessly surrender to Him, remember, you can’t fight this spiritualbattle alone.  While seeking the Almightyfor wisdom and guidance to impact so many lives, you can’t forget to often surround yourself with love and joy.  Yes!  These two special elements help keep yougrounded for the long journey ahead.

  Ican’t help but encourage you to frequently pray and rest during this specialseason of recovery.  You know, birthingforth a major breakthrough and being set free isn’t a simple task and theseblessings shouldn’t be taking lightly. That’s why the Lord sends help like those healing heads I spokeabout earlier who are specially selected by Him to give you time to rest in HisWord.   And with God’s help, more recovery will birthforth easing your anxieties so you’ll have more time to focus on Him.I want the best for you.  God, the ultimate Gift Giver, wants the best for you too.  That’s why it’s important that you understandthat limitations can be external barriers: negative opinions from others,spending too much time on social media, or unsupportive community-family andfriends.  When you put in the work toclarify your purpose, God releases you from the negative barriers that haveheld you back through fear or rejection.

 Through grace, Christ is setting you free.  As He continuesto prune away the limbs that are nolonger applicable to your new season, He’s prepping you to drive, walk, and flybeyond the borders that have become comfortableto you.  Proverbs 11:28 (AMP)says, “But the righteous who trust in God’s provision will flourish like a green leaf.”  Are you ready to flourish and live anabundant life, where you, the tree, is full of green leaves (full of Christ)bearing abundant fruit for the world to witness?For so long, I allowed fear to hold me back fromwalking in the full manifestation of my purpose.  I feared judgmentfrom others.  I didn’t know if me disclosingmy gift to the world would negatively change the course of what I thought wasmy forever destiny at that time.   Even those who had not encounter me or testthe fruit of God’s gift, I didn’t know how the world would react to such apowerful gift where the anointing flowed and where people were healed and setfree.   Today, I no longer am fearful ofthe powerful move of the Holy Spirit that flows through me.

  Fear no longer rob me of my love, peace, and joy when I effortlessly operate in my gift.  The more I grow in Christ, the more I come torealize that it wasn’t my time to reveal my gift.  But because I chose, even out of spiritualignorance at the time, not fullyunderstanding all the whys, to walkblindly, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11, ESV)  Like Mary, it was meant for me to keep mygift hidden for such an appointed time. That season of hiding is now marveled by many but was viewed by me as a”not now” season.

  A season ofwaiting.  A season of divinepreparation.  A season of letting go, andletting God.  A season of spiritualbrokenness.

  A season of total surrender.  A season of unapologetically finding me.  A season of becoming comfortable in my own skin.  A season of total healing in hurtful areaswhere I had forgotten the deep-rootedseed that birthed years of horrific pain. A season of seeing life through a different set of spiritual lenswhere I was forced to see people’s true hearts, yet learning how to quicklyforgive and listen while being slow tospeak and anger.

As I grow spiritually, I nolonger feel this emptiness keeping me from stepping into my destiny.  Instead, I feel an urgency to push like neverbefore so those who stand behind me eagerly waiting for a spiritual midwife canbirth forth their assignment too.  Yes, some of you fear to be different.  While someof you fear the story that you’ve lived for the last year, decade, or centurywill cause resentment or fear in the community where you live.

  But instinctively,God wants you to own who you are. Instinctive behavior causes you to adapt toyour environment since birth.  This typeof behavior is an innate behavior that calls for special care particularly if you’re in the infancy stage learning how tosurvive in your new environment. This is the point of contact where your fivesenses heighten and you immediately tap into your pre-program of instinct.

  These instinctive behaviors are key to your survival.  When your internal state alerts your mind, body, andspirit, that your environment is no longer conducive for where God is takingyou or positioned you, you instinctively learn how to survive in your newenvironment.  That’s why you’re vulnerable for a reason.  Your season of intensified vulnerability is so you are totally reliant on God.  Just like a crying baby who seeks theattention from his or her parents, God too seeks your attention.  Therefore, He creates walls or allows painfullife events to occur in hopes of getting your attention read Numbers 22:24-25for a supportive example.  The instinctto cry out to God alerts Him that something is wrong and that you needhelp.

  Psalm 107:28-29 (Voice) declares,”In their distress, they called out to the Eternal, and He saved them fromtheir misery.  He commanded the storm tocalm down, and it became still.”  Whenyou are totally reliant on God, He instantly steps in to assist you.  That’s the job of a loving parent.  Your cryis a powerful weapon that causes God to stop and take notice of what’shurting you.  That’s why your survivor storyor battle wound is important to the world.

 It paints a vivid picture of the sordid battle events the devil neverintended for you to share because he didn’t expect you to win.  The devil didn’t think you wouldovercome such an ordeal.  But God did.  Just because you think you don’t deserveGod’s goodness, you worship an intentional God of purpose who doesn’t keepscore of what you did yesterday or twenty years ago.  Be grateful that God doesn’t keep a recordlike man.  But instead, He is a redeemer.

  A restorer of all things.   I still have flashbacks of moments intime where I know if it had not been for the goodness of God, I would have beenlabeled a throw-away.  But I’m so gladGod writes the kind of stories that allow you and me to showcase His grace andmercy.  Don’t you?  Often, I minister to brokenheartedwomen who count their story as a loss.  Youknow.  Those life events or situationsthat seemed impossible, unfixable, or shameful according to some but not to Godbecause what man sees as impossible, unfixable, or shameful…He sees as possible.  Our Savior knows best.

  In fact, a good parent knows you better thanyou know yourself.  Therefore, Heunderstands your capacity. You know…how much you can and cannot handle.  The Holy Spirit is more aware than youknow.  In His perfect timing, with onewink of an eye, your life can be transformed.  Revisit the beautiful biblical stories ofMary, Elizabeth, Rahab, Hannah, or Ruth. Their stories didn’t end as a gloomy tragedy.  In fact, their stories left you clutchingyour pearls or sitting on the edge of your seat excitedly waiting for yoursudden miracle.

  Your immediatebreakthrough.  Your now moment.   Right?  God’s plan is always on point when you are aligned with your purpose andfearlessly carrying out His plan.    Make your demand right now.  The kind of demand that forces God to move on your behalf.

 Our heavenly Father walks alongside you waiting to suddenly dry yourtears or set you free from the flood of negative emotions keeping you from living life on purpose or experiencinglife more abundantly.   For the first time, in a long time, I’ve cometo embrace speaking directly to my fears while serving others on a worldwide propheticplatform from a conscience place that ischanging the trajectory of women, young girls, and a few men- globally.  A beautiful soul is birthed through the sharing andgiving from the heart when God delicately tattooa Rhema word upon your heart to encourageHis people.  IfGod has purposed you to become an inspiration to others, you must ensure thatyou establish yourself from a grounded place where your mission or platformtouches lives. Your impact shouldn’t consist of you solely wanting to make money and becomewhat I call “InstaFamous”.

  Your purpose,your legacy, your heart space should change the trajectory of the people youconnect to daily.  That’s why spendingtime with the Father is so important. This precious time prepares your heart to not only minister from a pureplace, but it positions you to go before the throne in a posture of sincereworship.  The more you show up willinglyand ready to serve others from a sincere place, instinctively, you feel thesweet presence of  God speaking andmotioning you where to go and telling you what to say.In this lifetime, I aspire to be an amazing human being. Don’t you?  Because when you’re called to the help birththe vision of someone else through a spoken word or stand in the gap as a birth attendant, you can’t allow life’sbarriers to hinder you from unearthing everything God desires to completethrough you.

   I know at one point andtime, I feared to be different because I wasoverwhelmed with the feeling of low self-esteem. For years, I didn’t want people to knowI had a prophetic gift.  This may soundstrange, but growing up in a small, rural area…people didn’t talk aboutprophetic giftings.  I never saw myselfwalking in the calling of a pastor or a prophetess.  I never wanted to be an educator.  I thought I was going to law school.  Travel the world internationally.  Get married to a loving husband and have 2.

5kids.  Wow!  Some of my plans have changed tremendously over the years.  With every single mistake made, God has pushedme to grow into a better Christian.  Often in life, if we are not careful, we will findourselves digging deep trying to unearth good memories because our bad days outnumber our good days.  In order to be set free and stay free, as abeliever, you must remember that you make plans for your life, but the Lordwithout question will establish your steps.   I feared people depending on mespiritually.  I didn’t want to coach orgive advice as a pastor or prophetess. My fears limited me at the time what God wanted to do in my life.

  The moment I stopped allowing my negativethoughts to run rampant and get the best of me, my life started to change.  My goal to date is to fulfill the highestlevel of purpose that God has for me. Whatever His direction is, I am now willing to go.From one Christian to another, do not allow the spiritof fear to prematurely abort your purpose. Do not allow other people’s salty opinions or their lack of acceptancedictate how you walk in your purpose.

 Starting right now, stop apologizing for being you.  Stop apologizing for posting yourChrist-centered posts on social media just because the world doesn’tconform-yet.  Stop apologizing for owningwho God has equipped you to be.

  Stopapologizing for roaring your purpose loudly and making a fierce impact in theworld.  Stop waiting for others tovalidate who you are.  God has validatedyou, and His opinion is the only opinion that matters.

  Stop using social media as a lurking tool tostock the pages of other people you wish to be like if you’re not going to takeflight and pursue your dream.Seek God’s opinion for where He’s called you to go inthis season.  No longer will you wait for someone else so you can play catch up. Really?!?  So, if Jane of Frednever does anything with their life, should you put your life on hold permanently?I need for you to believe this is your miracle seasonto walk in your purpose unapologetically!  Now, the question is…do you believe inyourself?See,the longer you sit and fail to completelyaccept the call and walk out yourpurpose, the longer you wait to register for school and complete yourcertificate, bachelor’s, masters ordoctorate program.

   The longer you taketo start that business.  The more youprolong writing that book, starting your ministry, exploring the world.  The longer you keep making excuses driven by fear tellingyourself you can’t…you don’t know how…you don’t think you’re good enough,pretty enough, tall enough or rich enough…these negative blockers will keep youfrom being visible in the world.  That’swhat the enemy wants.  The longer youreplay negative talks in your mind…The longer you allow people to talk you out of yourpurpose…that is the longer you will walk around aimlessly trying to figure outyour life when God had the answer all the time.

 Over the year, I’ve spoken with people during LIVE 1:1 coaching callsand it amazes me how people allow self-doubt, negative talk, other people’sopinions and low self-esteem to block, hinder, or prematurely abort theirdestiny.Whathave you gotten from this book so far?Howis this book changing your life?Thisis not the time to overthink the faint whispers of God.  This is the time to capture God’s wisdom inyour heart and transcribe it on paper so you have something to reachtoward.  As a woman of God, it’s time youhelp encourage others through your gift through positive upliftment.  Now ask yourself, how does fear trap you frombelieving Bigger…believing beyond your wildest imagination.  How does fear keep you trapped in a reoccurringcycle of telling yourself lies in order to make yourself feel better about yourpersonal and professional life?Weall have a purpose.  But until your mindsetand heart changes, nothing around you will change.

Romans 12:2 (ESV) boast about how you should not “…be conformedto this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testingyou might discern what is the will ofGod, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” With every change, God uses your story to glorify His purpose.  Be it a medical crisis, trouble in yourmarriage, a foreclosure, reposition, or loss of employment…your story is astory of victory.   And through everylife page captured through a vlog or on a crisppiece of paper, you’re creating an encouraging word that will ministerto someone else’s heart who is in need of how you made it through.  That’s why it’s so important that you don’tallow the enemy to infest your mind with lies or harden your heart.

Transformationmeans that you have to take on a spirit of being unapologetic as our Lord andSavior carry you through some steep valleys. Being honest with your life means, you are willing to start over.  Let’s go deeper.  When you start over, you cannot start overwith a mindset wishing upon a star or believing that luck will break the reoccurring cycle that has constantly kept youstuck or functioning at a rate of average. You must take swift action and make up in your mind that you werecreated for more.  As we’ve discussed inprior chapters, you’re entitled to a good life because the promises of God sayso in His Word.

  As a matter of fact, letme remind you that our Savior doesn’t withhold anything from you when you walkuprightly.  In fact, as He ministers toyour heart right now, examine your life and how you can possibly live a lifethat exemplifies Him even more.