It in my observation, conscious-self manipulation technique can

It is not so
difficult to attain a well-coordinated dancing moves just as a bird flaps it
wings with little or no attention to itself. A bird knows if it doesn’t spread
and flap it wings it can’t attain flight. If it doesn’t fly, it can’t survive,
making it a prey. A bird is therefore determined to fly and so it does and when
it commences flight it cares less about who is watching from below. That’s the
same attitude you need to exhibit if ever you want to dance attractively.

Psychologically- in
my observation, conscious-self manipulation technique can be a measure to
knowing how to perform those fine motor skills you see on TV. The
conscious-self is a manipulator of one’s true ability to achieve set
challenges. The conscious-self decreases will and increases frustration if
allowed. Therefore the self must be manipulated into disbelieving it preset
believes. This can be done by developing a consistent and positive culture
toward self-ability.

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The mirror
reflection is a way of infusing the current of confidence in self. Look
yourself in the wall mirror if the inner-self mirror “the mind” is not working
for you as effectively as it should. Typically, the body without being
frequently trained can be recalcitrant to physical task until the
conscious-self is put under compelling conditions to execute the task.
Activities like dancing that requires the displaying the external self in
public, to some people, are dreading because there is no room for physical
privacy? You can dance in your head, perform all Michael Jackson moves in a
heartbeat, discreetly twitch your fingers and limbs, and rhythmically shake
your head to the music. By doing all these, you are half way there, all that is
needed to complete your dancing class is to engage in proprioception like
a bird, get out of sense of physical awareness, dance the dance in your mind
and let the body project it and with time you will be less aware of your
motional body. 

If you
are not psychologically balanced, you might never know the exquisiteness of
your basal ganglia which coordinates motion, and the aptness of your cerebellum
which takes the sensory input from the limbs and refines signals in the cortex
to smoothen out that fine motion. If the psychological inputs required to carry
out a task does not meet requirement, then your biological cells will be
equally inefficient.