It he was just another person who had

It is evident
that after doing all this research on Elon his traits and qualities are evident
of a great man. The reason I picked him was I wanted to look at all the hype
around the silicon valleys “top dogs”. At first, I was quite sceptical about
Musk because before I started researching him I though he was just another
person who had made it, but after seeing how he would constantly keep digging into
such a great will and energy is remarkable. Elon Musk is the best example of a
complete entrepreneur.

In an interview
with Trail and error, a YouTube channel Elon stated that “it’s like eating glass, and staring
into the abyss.” How bad do you want to succeed? How do you know it’s in you?
Perseverance is a feeling inside that will not allow you to give up on your
dreams. In January 2000 Musk married a girl called Justine but they had to have
the honeymoon nine months later due to being so busy. While on the plane
to Sydney Musk was replaced as CEO by the board without them telling him, he
tried to fight back but when that didn’t work he had just moved on. Many people
who would have been in a similar situation would have tried to retaliate and
end up getting a bad name in the industry, but Elon let it go and continued to
work with even though they had a different vision to him. He
embraced his role and kept investing into the PayPal to become the largest
stockholder in the company. After all this drama at, Elon decided to go
on his first vacation. When he was in Africa, Musk got the deadliest version of
malaria. He spent 10 days in intensive care. His wife Justine stated that “He’s
built like a tank, he has levels of stamina and an ability to deal with stress
that I’ve never seen in anyone else”. (Vance et al., 2016) Musk spent six months to recover, he
lost forty-five pounds and was very close to death. At the age of thirty Elon
was back and ready to go again, even though PayPal was ripped away from him and
he came so close to death, he was still back working twelve hours a day.

Justine Musk
was Elon Musk first wife, she responded to a Quora thread asking:” how do I
find passion?”  She stated that “It’s not what gives you bliss or makes
you happy 24/7, but what you’re willing to suffer for — what you genuinely
believe to be worth the sacrifice,” (Gillett., 2018). This is evident
through Elons journey has very thing he starts is for a reason more than just
the money, he is currently worth $20 billion and could assign people that
inform him of what is happening at each factory instead he gets flights from
each factory to the other in US and goes through every detail with a fine comb.
In 24 hours he spends 12.1 working, 6 hours sleeping and 5.9 doing non-work
(Coren., 2018). His motivation and work ethic all come down to his passion
about what he is doing, if he didn’t love it he wouldn’t do it.

is something that most people are born with and only some people are willing to
put the work in to become more creative. Elon is both, he was surrounded by a
father who could fix most things, and he spent most of his childhood reading
books.” Creativity is the process of bringing something
new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our
awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life.” – Rollo May,
The Courage
to Create (Naiman.,
2018). Musk’s creativity was first shown to the world where at the age of 13 he
designed and programmed a game. It took creativity to start all he ventures on
way to SpaceX, but they were nowhere close to why he created it. Space travel
has always been important to Elon has a kid he would read manuals of old
rockets and read countless science fiction books. The reason he created SpaceX
because he wanted to colonise mars and he wanted to make space travel so much
cheaper by reducing cost of space rockets. Instead of buying all different
parts he wanted to manufacture all the parts himself which nobody else has ever

In my opinion
the main 4/5 characteristics that show Elons entrepreneurial brilliance are
creativity, passion, Tenacity/ Perseverance, and his simply his motivation
alongside his work ethic.

parents Maye and Errol Musk, grey up in same neighbourhood and the two went on
to date through their time at university when eventually they got married. Nine
months after their wedding day Elon was born. Musk was born on June 28, 1971.
Elons father Errol worked as an electrical engineer where his mother Maye
opened a dietician (Vance et al., 2016). As Elon grew up so did his family, he
eventually had a bother called Kimbal and a sister called Tosca. The
world was first introduced the brilliance of Musk in 1984. Musk had designed a
video game. Called Blackstar, it was a science-fiction space game which needed
167 lines of code. In 1988 Musk decided to move to Canada so that he could live
the American dream, even though Canada is not America, Musk had family in
Canada so he though it would have been easier to obtain Canadian citizenship.
When Musk arrived in Montreal he tried to look for his uncle but then he was
later informed that they had moved. After a year of having odd jobs around
Canada, Musk decided to go to Queens University of Waterloo. In 1992, Musk
transferred to University of Pennsylvania because he thought it would allow him
to have better connections. He pursued a dual degree- A economics degree then a
degree in Physics. In 1995 Elon and his brother Kimbal formed a Global Link
Information Network which was then called Zip2. Zip2 was a company that
provided maps and business directories to online newspaper (Gregersen, 2018).
After 4 years has owners the Musk brothers manged to sell the company to Compaq
for $305 million but Elon only took $22 million from the deal (Thomas., 2010).
From that $22 million he spent $1 million on a brand-new car which he then went
onto to crashing it and leaving it. He then invested $12 million into his next
venture was an online bank that later got changed to PayPal, it
was then sold to eBay for $1.5 billion, this gave him around $100 million to
invest into SpaceX also known has Space Exploration Technologies Corporations,
who where a privately funded aerospace company (Smith., 2018). A year later he
tried to start up a company called Tesla, but it failed, he continued to try to
get it work and eventually in 2004 the electric car company was born. Elon
obsession into a better future for the planet grew when he also started a new
company called SolarCity.

Elon Musk is
the most audacious businessman in Silicon Valley. He has and will continue to
create shockwaves throughout business and industry. The South African born
entrepreneur is currently worth $20 billion (Forbes, 2017).