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Is Gun Control an Effective Way to Control the Crime? Crimes have become violent in the world today. Criminals have been using guns to aid them. In America, the rate at which guns are used by criminals precedes all other countries in the world. There have been many instances of shooting in America, and lots of people have lost their lives in the sad scenes. The most recent massacre in Las Vegas that left a lot of people dead. Such shootings occur in the public how the gunmen target a large group of people. It is perceived that the main plan of such shootings is to have a great revenge on the country from their opposing neighbors. The gunmen, mostly referred to as terrorists by the Americans have been targeting places such as Las Vegas, pulse nightclubs, concertgoers, sandy hook elementary and many more places that attract large crowds of people during the nights. Initially, shootings mostly happened at night when shooters would target certain areas for robbery or hired murders. However, this norm has gradually been done away with as many shootings have started happening during the day (Lott, 2013). Many gunmen believe that during the day, many people are still going on with their daily businesses hence the blow will be huge.         My research is mostly built on the internet, books, and articles. The first perspective is built on the issue of security. When one owes a gun, they have confidence that their security is good. Police will never protect everyone (Kleck, 2013). This is why people opt for guns.  The second perspective will be on ensuring guns don’t fall into the wrong hands of felons and mentally unstable individuals. The third perspective will be on laws and regulations acts of the country. The second amendment act goes hand in hand with the guns control laws. It ensures that the rights of the citizens are not infringed on hence giving them a chance town a firearm.        In the United States, it is everybody’s prayer that gun violence to come to an end. Homicides are common cases among the youths. In the police reports, almost all suicide reports are about guns. There has been a heated argument among those people who believe that guns should stop being manufactured or sold to the citizens. This can be referred to as supply- reduction strategy (Kelling & Coles 2011). On the other hand, the National Rifle Association of the United States has been arguing on the second amendment. The second amendment has granted the citizen the right to carry arms provided they are used responsibly to protect one’s life or property. Unanimously, the two groups have come to terms that criminals who are arrested having wrongfully used the guns should be sentenced.         It is true that controlling gun could be an effective way of reducing crimes in the United States. Advocates have argued that reducing the number of guns in the country could reduce the amount of violence. Some reasons why guns should be reduced or done away with are as follows; Owning a gun could increase the chances of harming oneself. The most used case for reference in a court of law is the U.S. v. Miller (1939). This case upheld restricting possession of a short gun. Taking guns from criminals and putting the criminals behind bars also reduces the number of guns in the country. Many criminals have direct access to the lethal weapons. The same criminals can also be used to recover more guns. This kind of exercise ensures that guns are not misused. Criminals are also known to be violent. Therefore taking guns away from them reduces the number of deaths too, (Kelling & Coles. 2011).  When many handguns are in circulation, the possible outcome is an increased crime rate. Guns associated with crimes are never registered hence making it difficult to trace the gun user. However, it can also be argued that gun control does not reduce the crimes in the United States. This is also an idea that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been arguing in support of the second amendment. Several points could be argued to support this; Guns do not kill people. People use guns to kill. NRA argues that giving more people guns to protect themselves could reduce crimes. NRA also argues that the guns control law violates the second amendment that gives the people the right to bear arms. The law can, therefore, be termed as unconstitutional. Instead of doing away with firearms, the law can also be changed and used to give mandatory sentences to anyone who is arrested committing a crime. In so doing, crimes will be reduced since criminals will be in fear of going to prison. Comparing the rate of gun violence in America to other countries       America is rated one of the most affected countries affected by gun violence in the world. This kind of a situation is accelerated by the socioeconomic success of the people of America. You find that the average wage that an individual earns in this country is much excellent. In addition to that, the country has ensured that education system accommodates all kinds of people (Kleck, 2013). This ensures that people attain a higher level of education. The only countries America can be comparable to is Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Finland, and Norway.      It is important to note that the countries mentioned above have a meager rate of gun violence compared to America. In 2016, research was carried out by the University of Washington, and it was reported that in every 100,000 people in America, 3.85 deaths occurred due to the gun violence. Compared to other developed countries, the country has a very high death rate as a result of guns (Lott, 2013). A place like the Central America is reported to have a higher number of deaths reported. Research shows that deaths occur in places where gangs are in plenty, and there is drug trafficking business going around.       Normalcy is that developing countries experience a high number of crimes every day. However, the same research conducted showed that even developing countries like Bangladesh experienced a total of 16 deaths by guns per 100,000 people.  How can we better the gun system so these weapons won’t fall into the wrong hands?         As we have stated earlier the second amendment act allows citizens to possess firearms .it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that when looking for different ways to reduce crimes, the rights of the citizens should not be infringed on. The best way to control this is by having a thorough check on an individual before they purchase a firearm. Checking about their background will help analyze the kind of person he or she is. This will reduce the chances of having the weapons fall into the wrong hands. When we talk of the wrong hands, we are including criminals and the mentally unstable individuals.        In America, about 40% of guns are sold by private stores. It is difficult to control the private businesses since they are licensed, and they are independent by law. In private stores, it is sporadic to have a background check since it is a business affair. It is also in the private stores that any person whether depressed or a felon can walk in and own a gun (Kleck, 2013).  The only way to regulate this could be having all the weapons registered with the FBI’S National Instant Criminal Background Check System. A law should be passed to support this. In so doing the rate of crimes will reduce drastically.