Is culture on British culture. Lastly, there is

Is the United States a global superpower today? The
answer is yes. It is said that American culture rules the world. What is
culture and why is it important to nations? The culture defines the nation, its
history, and its people. America’s dominance and power over the world has
significantly influenced many nations such as the British culture. How does
America impact the British culture though? Just the phrase ‘the Americanization
of Britain’ shows the influence of American culture on British culture.  Lastly, there is a notable impact in many
sectors such as language, music, media, films, festivals and holidays, food etc.

To start with, culture is the sum of shared products
of society, material as well as nonmaterial (Robertson I.). Culture describes a
set of traditions, ideas and social behavior of a group of people in a society.
It is important because it characterizes the evolutionary existence as it
provides people with the knowledge of their ancestral values and gives us the
very meaning of life. The American culture is a varied, remarkable melting pot,
commenced by the rapid European annexation of enormous territories sparsely
inhabited by assorted indigenous peoples (Cismas, S.C.). But how the American culture impacts the global framework? The answer
is simple: American soft power.

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The British society was influenced, but not fully
shaped, by American popular culture. The American impact on Europe is related
to increased globalization. Therefore, it is important to determine the
elements of the current situation to perceive the concept of Americanization.
The notion of ‘Americanization’ is a kind of unilateral cultural imperialism
(Kjartan Thommesen K. ). At the same time as Americanization started to be
recognized, the trend of globalization was noticed. Americanization as a term
has concerned many nations and cultures and has a considerable influence on
British culture. However, how is British culture affected by American?

One of the most important sector of culture is
language and cultural identity. Therefore, the impact of language should be solely
addressed and analyzed more. Language and cultural identity are steadily altered by
globalization and by the expanding influence of the American culture and
technological progress achieved universally. The influence of American English
on British English is a real fact but how significant this influence really is? According
to Popescu D., (2011), British English has been affected by American English
since the 17th century and this influence has been present in different fields
of activity including everyday vocabulary, food, conversational words and
phrases, expressions, euphemisms, politics, economics etc.  Through obvious amount, American English has progressively in some way replaced the
British language as the established international standard. Indeed, it has even
made inroads into British English itself, replacing words like “film” with
“movie” (Northon M.,2017). However, the impact of American English on British
English is not very important at the level of the entire Standard English (Popescu
D., 2011).

According to Barthin (1998) images of America are so
pervasive globally that emigrate to the world allowing people to pursue being
Americans even in distant cultures like British. The tunes of Britain have
become American songs, and many types of American music have invaded into
British such as jazz and swing. Through a wide range of genres, America has
become the supreme leader of modern music. USA has constructed the way people
listen to music. Moreover, there is a notable American cultural effect on media
and films. Why does America
have such reach in
these media leading affecting Britain? The answer is simple: market and
innovation. The
American culture has also
gained British audience. Certainly, America’s cultural impact on films has been
surprisingly powerful. Just the word “Hollywood” shows the dominance of American
culture in movies, films that became popular, admired and beloved in British

Furthermore, Americans celebrate numerous festivals
and holidays due to multiculturalism and existence of many religions (Cismas, S.C.)
example, Santa Claus is an American custom celebrated also in the UK.  Santa Claus also known as Father Christmas in Britain
is the bringer of gifts for children. Thanksgiving, another American tradition, which is celebrated in the last Thursday in November is not an official holiday in Britain.  One in six Britons now celebrate this US
holiday also familiar as Brits-giving. (Salter, K.,2014). What follows the next
day after Thanksgiving? The famous Black Friday. Black Friday sales madness
came also to Britain.  Additionally,
another popular American tradition in Britain is the prom. Nowadays more than
85 % of British schools organize prom parties (British Council).  When it comes to food, the influence of
American cuisine in British is more in fast food or not so healthy choices such
as cake pops, burgers, barbeque, hot dogs, doughnuts, fried chicken etc. Some
known American fast food chains are operated in the UK such as McDonald’s, Pizza
Hut, Burger King, KFC etc.

Is Britain becoming Americanized then? “As American as apple pie” has come to mean
something to British culture that is authentically American. There is not any
doubt that America, the world leader, affects the British culture. However,
despite the impact and the similarities, the British culture, as other cultures,
is unique and differs from American as it was not fully shaped from the USA. The
British culture has its own history and is developing through the years in a way to protect
its identity and people. To
sum up, the United States as a superpower due to geographical advantages, multiculturalism
and globalization will always have a cultural impact on British culture to a
small or some extent.