Is building ” Community” important in a virtual

building ” Community” important in a virtual world? If so, what would you do to
promote a sense of community among these team members?

Answer 2: “Work is a profoundly social
activity.” It is the only platform where people come from different
communities, cultures and countries where they can share their feelings,
interests, opinions and thoughts while the communicating to enhance their
social circle as well. For example, in cooperative work setting, firms should
maximize social advantages from work by enabling telecommuters to figure in
groups with colleagues.

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Work related social interaction offers employees
the opportunity to observe a wide variety of professional styles, make contacts
with people who might advance their careers, and bond with   co-workers over mutual
professional experiences and interests.

promote a sense of community among team members should follow the following

1.    Maintain
the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

2.    Rewards
in terms of recognizing them via email, sending goodies, wishing them during
their festivals.

3.    By
having good relationships with all the members, and work toward actively
supporting others team members to build confidence and relationships.

4.    Show
respect for differences in interaction and thinking style of members.