Investment place where a person can buy and

Investment means putting a certain some
of money in an expectation of a future return. Investing in a variety of
streams is often treated as an interesting activity by many of the persons who
were in different walks of life. It is quite difficult task to be successful in
investment.  So  to became successful in investment, what is
required is that a better intellectual frame  for making 
decision and also the capacity to control  the emotions , it doesn’t require an
extraordinary IQ and an uncommon business foresightedness etc. Investment can
be made in  different areas , either we
can invest in shares, or debentures or many other streams like gold, bank,
insurance etc. Thus the investment decision can be made by thinking
intellectually or by analysing all the possible outcomes.

  Capital market is place where a person can
buy and sell  securities. Now a days it
plays a crucial role in the development of a country.  Capital market is mainly comprised of two
components i.e. Primary market and 
secondary market. Primary market is the place where new securities
are  bought and sold.  Here the savings of the households are
channelized by the companies directly for investment purpose. It is the main
centre  of the capital market that really
boosts industrial and financial activities by providing long term funds to the
corporate and the government. So the primary market is also termed as “New
Issue Market ”, but the secondary market or stock exchange is considered as
the place where already sold securities are traded .Stock market is an
important player in the investment. stock market or share market is provides a
facility for all he buyers and sellers to meet themselves. There by stock
exchanges provides a platform for  the
borrowing and lending of medium term and long term funds. Share  market is having  a physical existence. Bombay stock exchange
(BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) are the two main stock exchanges in
India. The corporate companies in India were mainly raise the funds with the
help of equities and debts. That means the capital of a company is either
ownership or creditor ship . Any how the contribution of the equity
shareholders are much more higher