Investiture Emcee Notes

Emcee’s note- Investiture 2011 6:30pm-6:45pm: pre-start announcement H:Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seat and switch your hand phones into silent mode. The investiture will begin soon. 6:45pm-6:52pm : Emcee to start the ceremony X:Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow CEE members, Guest of Honor Acting chair of school of CEE Professor Soh Chee Kiong Good evening, sir. Thank you for coming tonight. H:It’s so great that we all can be here tonight, to celebrate together another milestone of CEE Club, as we are going to handover the CEE Club from its 20th committee to 21th committee.

X:Yes, with a 20 years’ growth, our step has never stopped. Batch after batch, every club member has made relentless efforts that eventually lead to our today’s achievements. H:Thanks to their hard work, the incoming committee of CEE Club can expect a rosy future with confidence! So now ,everybody, please give a round applause for all the past committee members as well as our incoming committee since now the responsibility has been passed to them. Thank you. X:To begin our investiture, let us welcome our president of CEE Club 20th Committee Setiadi to deliver a speech. H:Setiadi, please~_ :52pm-7:00pm : Speech by vice President of outgoing Management Committee H:Thank you very much, that was a wonderful speech. 7:00pm-7:25pm : Introduction of members of outgoing and incoming Management Committee H:Now in recognition of the efforts and achievements of the 20th comm. As well as in celebration of the newly-elected 21th comm, let us invite them to the platform. . Welfare Secretary & Assistant Welfare Secretary : 20th: Chin Wei TingWelfare Secretary the self claimed chubby cutie pretty sexy shortie who provide welfare services to the needy fussy students Li Zi Xin Asst. Welfare Secretary he well known Traditional Chinese Dance dancer but can shake shake like a G6 who provide welfare services to the fussy needy students (However, since zixin is on exchange, we will invite our president Setiadi as a representative) Setiadi and wei ting, pls come upon the stage. 21st : lets invite Phoong Bo Jun Welfare Secretary Luo Xue Ni Asst. Welfare Secretary Sport Secretary & Assistant Sport Secretary : 20th Hendrie Bernard Sports Secretary also known as Helen Bernard whose hair style is always attention seeking, beautiful and adorable, but not his face. Hor Pik Wah valerieAsst. Sports Secretary he sportswoman who always slap u when you say something wrong, but herself never realise that her slap can be so powerful. Valerie and Hendrie, pls. 21st Toh Yong Biao Sports Secretary See Chee HanAsst. Sports Secretary Social Secretary & Assistant Social Secretary : 20th Riesta Sutanto Social Secretary the slow spoken lady who never change her hairstyle since she was born Tang Inn Mei Elaine Asst. Social Secretary the mini tiny lady who always burst into high pitch laughter out of sudden during meeting. Elaine and Riesta Sutanto, pls. 21st Ji Zhuo YingSocial Secretary

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Yu Wen XinAsst. Social Secretary Logistics Secretary : 20th Tan Chee YiLogistics Officer the unpaid cheap cheap labour who contributed his sweat and blood for our tonnes of events with his logo of life: we move the world for you! Chee yi pls. 21st Hengki Setiadi Siah Logistics Officer Publications and Media Secretary & Assistant Publications and Media Secretary : 20th Xia Xue Rong Publication and Media Secretary Xue Rong: the big eyes soft spoken snow white who always laugh to the extent that her eyes disappear totally, but she still can see us. Li Ang Asst.

Publication and media secretary Li Ang: the adventurous mature capable man who always keep his beard growing as if the shaver is very expensive. However, since xuerong is on exchange, we will invite our president Setiadi as a representative. Setiadi and li ang, pls! 21st Ho Pey Wen Publication and Media Secretary Zhu Kan Kang Asst. Publication and Media Secretary Publicity Secretary & Assistant Publicity Secretary : 20th Tan Yih Keng Publicity Secretary Yih Keng: the fashionable gay girlish yet creatively artistic guy that can design nice poster Tay Jee Wei Asst. Publicity Secretary

Jee Wei: the nice lady that can design fashionable gay girlish yet creatively artistic poster. Jee Wei and Yih Keng, pls. 21st Chan Jit Yen Publicity Secretary Li Xiang Asst. Publicity Secretary Business Manager & Assistant Business Manage : 20th Lan Li Business Manager Lan Li: the OUTGOING strongest tough firm super solid unbreakable ductile lady in the universe Su Qia Asst. Business Manager Su qia: the INCOMING strongest tough firm super solid unbreakable ductile lady in the universe. (However, since lanli is on exchange, we will invite our president Setiadi as a representative) Setiadi and su qia, pls. 21st Lan Tian Business Manager

Xia Yuan Asst. Business Manager Special project officer H: As many of you may know, CEE Education trip is an annual event where students who have signed up this program will be guided by CEE lecturers to visit a foreign country. The main aim of the trip is explore technology or institute that related to our course major in a foreign country/have a community service in developing country. And for this year, CEE is also hosting College of Engineering (COE) charity event, in order to well prepare for the two events and show a good image among various schools in NTU, SPO, as a newly formed portfolio, joint our big family of CEE Club.

Now let get to know the special project officer, Hor Pik Wah, Valerie! Financial Controller : 20th Shi Chen WeiFinancial Controller the money holder who always hold the money tight tight as if we want to rob his money (However, since he is on exchange, we will invite our president Setiadi as a representative) Setiadi, pls. 21st Joannes Marvin Financial Controller Honarary General Secretary : 20th Jacky Poea Honorary General Secretary the annoying big mouth clumsy yet funny blur sotong “jacky Pui Eh”( fatty in Hokkien) who always annoy us with his annoying reminder 21st Hendrie Bernard Honorary General Secretary Vice President : 20th

Goh Choon SiongVice President the man who always gives the impression that he likes to tease and bully others, but in fact he is very kind. =) Desiree Du Jing Vice President Desiree: the sexy outspoken westernised lady who always dresses sexily during the meeting but never catch cold (However, since she is on exchange, we will invite our president Setiadi as a representative) Setiadi and choon siong, pls. 21st Su QiaVice President President 20th Setiadi Juan President the old/mature uncle looking young man who always denies that he is no longer single, and refuse to introduce his girl friend to us. 1st Li AngPresident (I CEE them song music begins. Lights turn off) H: Now let’s enjoy the I CEE them song. This song is written by one of our CEE alumni. X: Once members of CEE Club, forever members of the big family! H: The successors will follow the footsteps of their predecessors and carry on the endless legend! Lights on X: let’s now invite the president of 21th committee, Li Ang, to cute the cake with the president of 20th committee, Setiadi. Happy 21st birthday to CEE Club! H: Happy birthday to CEE Club! (After taking photos) H: Now everyone please take a seat and let’s enjoy a video clip from our outgoing committee. . 25 – 7. 30pm Video Clip of outgoing Management Committee X: They were really enjoying their past experiences, weren’t they? H: Now, it is my pleasure to call upon our Guest-of-honour Pro Soh Chee Kiong, acting chair of school of CEE ,up on stage and deliver his speech. Let’s welcome Prof Soh. 7. 30pm – 7. 40 pm Speech by GOH H: Thank you, Prof Soh for your impressive speech. Pls stay for a while. 7. 40pm – 8. 00 pm Presentation of certificates to members of outgoing Management Committee & Token of appreciation for GOH X: In the past year, 20TH management committee of CEE club have served well and are held in igh regards as leaders in their respective portfolios. H: We would now invite Prof Soh to present certificates of appreciation to our 20th management committee of the CEE school club. X: Let’s invite them on to the stage. * X: Welfare Secretary & Assistant Welfare Secretary : Chin Wei Ting & Li Zixin * H: Sport Secretary & Assistant Sport Secretary : Hendrie Bernard & Valerie Hor * X: Social Secretary & Assistant Social Secretary : Riesta Sutanto& Elaine Tang * H: Logistics Secretary : Tan Chee Yi * X: Publications and Media Secretary & Assistant Publications and Media Secretary : Xia Xuerong & Li Ang H: Publicity Secretary & Assistant Publicity Secretary : Tan Yih Keng & Tay Jeewei * X: Business Manager & Assistant Business Manager : Lan Li& Su Qia * H: Financial Controller : Shi Chenwei * X: Honarary General Secretary : Jacky Poea * H: Vice President : Goh Choon Siong & Desiree Du Jing * X: President : Setiadi Juan H: Thank you Prof Soh for presenting the certificates. Now, 20th committee, please join together to take a photo with Prof Soh. X: Members of 20th committee, please take your seat. Invite P of 21st committee to pass of the token to GOH H: Prof Soh, please stay for a little while.

X: To show our appreciation, we would like to invite the president of 21st committee of the CEE club, Li Ang, to present the token of appreciation to Prof Soh. H: Li ang, please. H: Thank you, Li ang. Thank you, Prof Soh. X: Now, may I invite all the members from the 21st committee up on stage to take a photo with XXX? Please, everybody. H: Thank you, Prof Soh. Prof and 20th management comm, please take your seat. 8. 00 – 8. 05pm Speech by President of incoming management committee X: Ladies and gentlemen, please join our hands together to invite the new president of CEE club, Li Ang, to deliver a speech. After the speech

H: Thank you, Li Ang for your inspiring speech. I believe we are all ready to write a new and glorious chapter in the history of CEE club. 8:05 – end Dinner reception outside LT 8 X: Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to the end of the ceremony. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our GOH XXX as well as other professors for gracing the event with your presence. H: We would also like to thank everybody here tonight for your support to CEE club. Now, we would like to invite our GOH and professors to proceed to the dinner reception. Meanwhile for the rest, please remain seated. X: Later we will have a group photo taking session.

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