Introduction The first key to follow is trust



Teamwork is an important process of working order to achieve
a goal, this working process needs more than one person to work collaboratively
in a group.

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Teamwork means that this union of people will contribute
using their individual skills and providing constructive feedback, it’s always
a good idea to use teamwork when working to get as many ideas bounces around to
avoid many problems and to find solutions.

This cooperative effort gives
ability to work efficiently to be
always in an ascending line.

This report will examine the keys
of a good teamwork and how this process effect companies and how they can be improved
using this working process, also in what way this cooperative effort can improve
the management performance of Casual Tong company and why it will be a good process
to ashine a good manging performance





Nowadays there is a lot of
challenge in business environment, and if business want to be more successful
they need to follow many working processes to achieve their goals, one of the important
processes is teamwork. So, to provide a good teamwork in a company or a business
there is some principal keys to follow.


The first key to follow is trust
or trust among team members, and to build trust between the members the leader
of the team need to make them open up and share their weakness and doubts to
each other, but sometimes it’s hard for the leader to build trust due to some
problems from certain members in this case the team chief need to change the
team or to find a solution for the problem to achieve the level of trust
between the members.

the second key is to be prepared for
the dispute around ideas because the disagreement between the members ideas can
lead to a conflict. but these disagreements are good to find the best solutions
to the problems.

Also for the third key the
members of the group need to question and to review each other plans, because all
this investigations between the members assure progress and they can overcome
obstacles to provide a fast and good progress.

The forth key is to learn the commitment
to decisions and work plan because team result will only come about as a result
of team commitment to team decision.

If some of the team members does
not subsist with he’s commitment all the team will not succeed and it will be
no progress.

The last key is to focus to achieve
a collective result and that means the team goal must be accepted by all the
team members, and if the team members focus on critical goals that doesn’t support
the team goal it will lead to a team bankruptcy.