INTRODUCTION: speech impediment by hiring Lionel Logue which


      “The King’s Speech” is an inspirational
movie of a man who become King George VI with a stammer that need to speak to
the world . Bertie’s father, King George V passes away and leave the throne to
the irresponsible brother of Bertie’s(King George VI), David. Queen Elizabeth I
(Bertie’s wife) who worry about her husband speech impediment by hiring Lionel
Logue which is an Australia speech therapist to help her husband to overcome
his impediment on speaking. In order to marry a woman that he loves, David has
renounced the throne , as a result all the responsibility and duty fell to the
second son of the King George V, Bertie. Bertie need to have his first live
radio broadcast to the nation but the stammering problem has become a hinder
for him to complete the task successfully. With the help of Logue, Bertie’s
speech therapist begin where the development of an unexpected friendship
between the two men begin.



       In “The King’s Speech” , director Tom
Hooper has achieve his purpose on directing the movie where he want to
encourage people who are in difficulty to not to give up easily even though how
hard is it. For example, Bertie who has impediment in speaking, at first he is
being treated by a doctor. When the doctor tries to help him with his way but
he refused to be treated. As his wife has hire Lionel Logue who is speech
therapist , Logue use his own way to give confidence to Bertie to speak by
playing music with earphone and record his reading on the book where the title
is “To be or not to be” .Bertie feel hopeless and think that he cannot be
treated by anyone. But after Bertie heard to the recording ,he decided to work
hard to overcome his stammer by giving cooperation on what Logue ask him to do
as he believe that anything done by Logue is helping on his stammer.


      Next, the acting of main character has
fulfil the need of the character and the movie where the main character Bertie who
act by Colin Firth Lionel Logue act by Geoffrey Rush. Firstly, Colin Firth has
done good job in acting Bertie who is a stammer that will let the audience feel
that he is a stammer in a real life. The acting of him on the feeling of
inferiority of him as a stammer when his elder brother, David who deride and
make fun of him when he cannot answer back, the happiness and surprisingly of
him as he heard the recording that he can speak fluently and also the tension of
him and pain on his face while giving the speech on the live broadcast. Next,
Geoffrey Rush also done a good job in acting one of the main character ,the
speech therapist, Lionel Logue that the patience of him in giving treat to The
Duke who has impediment in speaking where he show the professional of a
therapeutist on treating a patient. Besides, the acting of him as a father that
plays with his son shows the love of a father to his children will let the
audience feel warm-hearted while watching this movie.


      Next, the cinematography of the movie
which is the person who control the movement of     the camera in the whole movie, Danny Cohen
that use his skilful techniques of cinematography in shooting and holding the
best angle to show the expression of mental and emotional journey of main
character. For example, while Bertie who is talking about his childhood
experience when he is abuse by his nanny as the nanny does not feed him for days
or pinch him, the movement of the camera that slowly zoom to the face of the
character has let audience see more clearly of his expression on his feeling of
fear and also his sadness while talking about his passed away brother –Johnson.


    Furthermore, in my opinion, there is no any
special effect in this movie that I can notice in this movie cause that a
little disappointed on this movie.


The movie choose to use the old London sceneries
which looks historied but beautiful. The movie has use various old-fashion
equipment to represent this sceneries. For example, David who use the
old-fashion phone to talk with his future wife-Wallis Simpson. Besides, Lionel
Logue who use the old-fashion music player and also the recording machine to record
the reading of Bertie. Next, where the Queen Elizabeth I who use the
old-fashion lift that need to close the door manually and a small area that can
just only fit two person which the scene where Bertie and the queen find Logue.




soundtrack which attracts me the most is the soundtrack that call “The Rehearsal”
where Bertie start his speech therapist with Logue, all the activities done by
Logue to help Bertie in the speaking problem he faced. The first impression of
the song to me is the lively rhythm which include the staccato playing of many
kinds of instrument such as violin,piano,viola and so on has express the
feeling of expectation to be success and the courageous on doing something.


watching this movie, I am very satisfied with scenery and the acting of the
main characters. But i wish that the movie can be presented more lively with
faster tempo and not just the conservation between the characters. For example,where
Bertie talks to Archbishop, the speed of talking can be more faster or not the
audience will find it boring while at that scene.The movie is quiet moving when
Bertie finally can complete the live radio broadcast without stammering. I will
recommend this movie to those who are interested in historical story where they
can acknowledge more about the incident that happened in Britain. The moral
value that I notice is not to give up easily no matter how hard the situation
is, try you best to do it and you can achieved something from it as you put your
effort in.