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this chapter
presents important of marketing, scope of marketing, core marketing concept, and summary and conclusions.

Important or Value of

The heart of any
business success depends on in its marketing. Marketing is an important part of
every company or organization.  Most aspect
of any business depend on successful marketing. Marketing are  important part extends to society as a whole.
helps   make possible profitable
organization, mutually interest, and 
voluntary exchanges between  organization
and its customers. Marketing allows organizations to operate effectively by
meeting the needs of their customers.  Marketing
also allows organizations to use its resources efficiently to meet its short-
and long-term objectives. . In a similar
way, it facilitates the improvement in existing products as firms (marketers)
innovate to enhance  their position in
the marketplace. Successful marketing strong demand for products and services,
without marketing your potential
customers may not be aware of your business offerings and your business may not
be given the opportunity to growth and succeed. By marketing to promote product,
service and firms afford business with a
chance of being enhance by future customers. successful marketing allows firms
to further entirely engage in socially responsible activities. Firms
success often depends on marketing strategy. Operations, accounting, finance ,
and other company functions will not really matter if there is not enough
demand for goods and services so the organization can earn a profit.

Making the right
decisions is not always easy. Marketing managers must make major decisions such
as what a design and features into a new product, what prices to customers will
charge, where to sell goods and services, and how much to spend on sales or
advertising. Marketers must also do more detailed decisions such as the color
and new packaging .The firms at greatest risk are those that un-succeed to
carefully keep an eye on their competitors, customers and to continuously
improve their value of goods and service.