INTRODUCTION medical office, treatment center, rehabilitation center or



The Institute of Medicine defines health care
quality as “the degree to which health care services for individuals and
populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are
consistent with current professional knowledge.” Quality
of care, I believe, is one of the most important duties as a health
professional. Every health care professional should understand quality of care
and how important it really is. Sadly, patient’s rarely have a good experience
in a health care facility, especially those without insurance. The reason why I
chose this topic is because it is very important to me that every person should
get the best quality care no matter the circumstances. Every patient should be
treated like they are a family member. As patients experience low quality care
on a day-to-day basis, health care professionals such as myself, should take a
step back and acknowledge the issues patients face when getting care and come
together and form a plan to help improve quality of care.

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            The quality of
care and individual receives in any medical office, treatment center,
rehabilitation center or hospital has become very important to me over the
years.  I was once a victim of low
quality of care in a hospital in New Jersey when I had a stroke at the age of
23. My stroke was caused by a Vertebral Artery Dissection.  At the time of the stroke I had no medical
background or knowledge leaving me completely in the dark as to what kind of
treatment I needed. 

            I was playing
basketball with a couple of friends and during a game I felt a slight kink in
my neck. A couple minutes later I twisted my neck to get it to crack.  When I did that it caused dizziness and I
became very light-headed;  I kept on
playing like anyone my age would do. As I was walking to my car with a friend I
started to get dizzy and I went blind for three seconds and I started mumbling
my words. My first thought was not that I’m having a stroke it was more like I
may be dehydrated . As I am thinking this my eye sight came back but I felt
like I was looking cross eyed. I could cover one eye and see fine but if both
were open I was seeing double. My girlfriend at the time took me to the
hospital. Being the young age of 23, I did not have insurance at the time.  After waiting in the waiting room for a
while, even after I told them my symptoms and the left side of my face was
droopy, my vitals were abnormal with my blood pressure reading 210/111. They
refused to give me a CT or an MRI of the brain and said, “It is down for the
night, there is no technician.” They kept saying it must have been drugs,
(which I don’t touch) and they gave me 800mg of Ibuprofen and discharged me. As
I was walking out to my car I had another stroke and this time I passed
out.  Immediately they gave me a CT scan
and an MRI and diagnosed me with two strokes from a vertebral artery
dissection. Needless to say, they admitted me that night.  If I was driving and I had a stroke I could
have killed myself or someone