Introduction: from others and act as it’s their


Plagiarism is known as copying another’s work or
borrowing someone else’s idea. Plagiarism is not itself a crime but can
constitute copyright infringement. It has an effect on students whether good or
bad and here’s are some effect:

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1) It destroyers students reputation 

2) It destroyers professional reputation


Background and history:

It has an ancient history that was found among Arab poets as well as the
Romans and Greek which includes the theft of words, stolen meanings or stolen
words. In the other hand, The most dangerous types of theft is the transfer of
the other writer’s poets in whole or a part without appropriate recognition;
which comes in various ways and degrees.  

The types of poets’ theft that found as the following; 

First type, described in which a one subject of a writer has been
entirely copied. The Second type is that, when a write copy a poet and does not
indicate that the text is deliberately transmitted. The last type of poet’s
theft is that when one of them copies the text with modification of some words


Research Question:

1) What does plagiarism mean?
2) Why do students use plagiarism?



The aim of plagiarism is stealing ideas or works from others and act as
it’s their own work.

Plagiarism makes people research, develop and craft new ideas to reach
success by their selves.

Given the various issues arising on plagiarism, this paper concentrates
on the students’ understanding of the definition of plagiarism, how they learnt
about plagiarism and the role of the private college in promoting awareness of
plagiarism and its consequence


We choose this subject to the large spread between
people in the present time and frequently. However we aim to find an improved
solution to curb the spread of plagiarism. By enact a law that stands in the
way of those who steal others work without mentioning the owners of the
original ideas. Also sensitize writers about plagiarism and how can they avoid
it in their writing