Internal the recently installed banking system Following the

Internal Memo

To: All tellers

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From: The IT Department

RE: Communication on the use of the recently installed
banking system

the recent complaints from customers about bouncing checks and reports from
tellers about lack of prompts from the system machine, the IT team has
undertaken audits of the technology and information flow. The findings of the
team established that the failure occurred at specific times of a working day
(between 2 and 3pm). While this problem is due to possibilities of improper
machine functioning, it was also established that tellers have been ignoring
prompts from the machine or simply not positioning the cursor properly before
clicking the mouse. Therefore, tellers have been ignorantly running close,
register, post, ending with consolidate/merge order.

actions of the team in correcting this anomaly include: (1) ensuring the correct
prompt screen is appearing on the screen and (2) enlarging the
consolidate/merge icon and making it more prominent on the screen. Following
these corrective steps, we wish to request all tellers to 1) be keen to ensure
they use prompts from the machine at the right time, 2) ensure that the
consolidate/merge icon appears on the screen. Tellers are personally requested
to report any anomaly when the prompts do not appear at the correct timing by
correctly running in the close, register, consolidate/merge, and then post
order. Being a new machine, the IT department will remain vigilant to ensure
its proper delivery of services to customers. Therefore, any issue noted will
be of great importance. Because of this, the IT department will be undertaking
regular information flow audits and technology audits to monitor the
performance of the machine as well as the use of promptings by the tellers. We
greatly appreciate your diligence in using this new technology to improve the
service delivery to our customers.