Innovation after, 1 Billion Dollars had been pledged.

Innovation PurposeKickstarter was started to help creators in all different manner of craft find funding for resources and find the support they need to make their ideas a reality. It all started when the founder, Perry Chan, tried to book this pair of DJ’s for a show. They declined because of money constraints; which lead him to think of a new way to fund projects and ideas in our modern society. A few years later and Kickstarter was up and running; at some point soon after, 1 Billion Dollars had been pledged. With Kickstarters conception came a multitude of rising entrepreneurs and creative minds finding ways for people to fund them.Innovation FunctionThe creator that needs funding puts up a “funding goal” or a mark to hit for estimated success. People can pledge any amount of money; they won’t charged unless the creator reaches his or her funding goal. They then put this money towards their product (film, game, product, organization, etc); everyone who pledges usually gets rewarded for their support. Data is collected by Kickstarter when people pledge and is accumulated in a database available to creators. The public has access to broad stats about Kickstarter (projects that were funded and ones that failed) that you can find here. The Big Data stored in Kickstarters database is used by creators to answer a few key questions: What are currently the most popular types of projects? What are the statuses of similar projects, and have they been successful? If they were successful, then what method of crowdfunding did they use? What was the size of their supporter base? Beneficial Effect on Society, Economy, or CultureKickstarter is focused around smaller creators, ones that don’t work for a company or aren’t famous. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators that need funding to reach their goal, the accomplish their dreams. Through Kickstarter creators are able to achieve things they wouldn’t through normal means of funding and production. These creators are able to share their ideas with the world, improving everyone’s life. Obviously I think Kickstarter is a huge benefit on society and economy. Kickstarter is its own global funding community, with money coming in from all over the world. This gives the creators the appropriate amount of funding to spend it on needed resources; which through eventual spendings either by the creator or people the creator pays the money will circulate back through helping keep the economy healthy. Kickstarter allows creators to make their mark on the world. Be it through games meant for improving friendships or websites meant to help youth learn to code, Kickstarter is showing how strong its impacts are on society as a whole (them being positive impacts of course).