Inform have a raft he made.After twenty days

Inform Kalypso that the gods order Odysseus home.Odysseus shall not have any company whether it be gods or men, and shall only have a raft he made.After twenty days Odysseus shall reach Skhería, the men shall give him a ship and send Odysseus home with gifts of gold and bronze.2. Describe Kalypso’s cave. Use exact words from the text to support your description.”Around the smoothwalled cave a crooking vine held purple clusters under ply of green; and four springs, bubbling up near one another shallow and clear, took channels here and there through beds of violets and tender parsley (5.74-78).3. Why is Kalypso mad at the gods? What is her argument?Kalypso is mad at the god because the gods do not allow any immortal to have a relationship with a mortal. Kalypso’s argument is that she had saved Odysseus, fed him and loved him.4. List the ways in which Kalypso helped prepare Odysseus for his journey.Kalypso gave tools to Odysseus to cut down some trees and build a boat.She gave him bread, water and wine so Odysseus will not starve.Kalypso provided Odysseus with a seacloak and a following wind to help him get home.5. What does Poseidon do to Odysseus? How does Ino help him?Poseidon created a storm to keep Odysseus from reaching the shore. Ino helps him by telling Odysseus how to free himself and get to shore. Ino also gives Odysseus her immortal veil, which insures he will not drown or suffer harm. 6. What is the total number of days that Odysseus is at sea? EXPLAIN how you arrivedat that number.Odysseus is at sea for twenty days. This is said by Zeus in the beginning of book 5, when he explains his plan to Hermes.7. How does Odysseus finally able to make it to shore? Provide some detail.Odysseus finally makes it to shore by flowing with a surge provided from the wind. From there, he spots a river and prays to the river god to give him calm waters, to which the river god provides. From there Odysseus is able to make it to shore.BOOK VI – The Princess at the River1. Why does Princess Nausikaa decide to wash all of the linen? Provide a quote (andcitation) to support your answer.I must take all our things and get them washed at the river pools; our linen is all soiled.  And you should wear fresh clothing, going to council with counselors and first men of the realm. Remember your five sons at home: though two are married, we have three bachelor sprigs; they will have none but laundered clothes each time they go dancing (6.65-72).2. How do Odysseus and Nausikaa meet? Why does everyone except the princess runfrom him? (Exact quote and citation for the 2nd question, please.)Odysseus and Nausikka meet when Nausikka was washing the clothes and Odysseus woke up to see who was there. “Streaked with brine, and swollen, he terrified them, so that they fled, this way and that. Only Alkínoös’ daughter stood her ground, being given a bold heart by Athena, and steady knees (6.148-151).3. What are the few things that Odysseus asks of Nausikka? Does she follow through?Bullet and explain.To be directed to townTo be given a rag for clothingNausikka does follow through, giving Odysseus clothes and a ride to town.4. Define piety. How does Odysseus demonstrate piety toward the end of the book?Piety is the quality of being religious. At the end of the book, Odysseus demonstrates piety when he prays to Athena and asks to find love and mercy with the people in the town, and earlier when he tells Nausikka that the gods should give her what she desires for being so charitable.5. Discuss the meaning of the last stanza of the book.After Odysseus prays to Athena at the end of the book, Athena does not show her true form to Odysseus out of respect and humble submission to Poseidon.BOOK VII – Gardens and Firelight1. What symbolic archetype (use your packet!) is used to aid Odysseus through the city?Why (be specific)?Fog is used to aid Odysseus through the city so he will not be challenged or halted by a sailor.2. Why is Queen Arete such an honored woman?Queen Arete is an honored woman because her grandfather was a good king and a son of  Periboia and Poseidon3. There is a lengthy description of Alkinoos’s palace. Look at each stanza on pages 113-115), and discuss some of the amazing things. (Look for abundance or out of the ordinarythings/concepts.)There are many amazing things in the palace, some not seen before as they are so out of the ordinary like the bronze-plated walls and lots of gold items like the door handles or the statues at the entrance way, which were casted by Hephaistos.4. We are introduced to a new epithet for Odysseus in this part of the poem. Based on hisdiscussion with Alkinoos, please explain why he is given this rightful name.Odysseus is given the name “the great tactician” because he is very smart, as when he was in Troy, he came up with the idea for the Trojan Horse.5. What two choices does King Alkinoos offer Odysseus?The two choices King Alkinoos offers to Odysseus are that he stay and marry Nausikka or he can go home with help from him in the form of a boat and food.BOOK VIII – The Songs of the Harper1. What are the orders that Alkinoos gives to his assembly?Alkinoos tells his assembly help Odysseus get home by getting a boat and crew, and that there will be a festival tonight in honor of Odysseus.2. Who is Demodokos? Summarize what he sings about in his first song. Do you thinkKing Alkinoös knows the stranger is Odysseus? Support your answer.Demodokos is the minstrel. In his first song he sings about the clash between Odysseus and Akhilleus, which made Odysseus cry. I think King Alkinoos knows its Odysseus because he quickly insisted that trials for the pentathlon should begin, most likely to stop Odysseus from crying from the song.3. How does Seareach insult Odysseus? What is Odysseus’s reply and action?Seareach insults Odysseus by saying that the reason Odysseus does not want to join the competition is because he never learned a sport and has no skill. Odysseus’s reply is that the gods did not give out gifts to any man, and that handsome men do not do great things like other men, as they lack grace and good sense, and are not as bright. After the reply, Odysseus joins the competition and amazes the people with how far he can throw the discus.4. According to the minstrel’s song, what are the three ways the Trojans planned to dealwith the Trojan horse? (Use the exact quotes and citations as your answers.)”For when the Trojans pulled it in, themselves, up to the citadel, they sat nearby with long -drawn-out and hapless argument- favoring, in the end, one course of three: either to save the vault with brazen axes, or haul it off a cliff and pitch it down, or else to save it for the gods, a votive glory- the plan that could not but prevail (8.540-547).6. What prophecy does King Alkinoös hear from his father about Poseidon?”My Father said, some day one of our cutters homeward bound over the cloudy sea would be wrecked by the god, and a range of hills thrown round our city (8.607-610)