“Individual Friedrich’s ideas were focused more toward individual

“Individual Liberty is
individual power” – John Quincy Adams. Individual liberty is having the freedom
to choose the way we want to live and the freedom to make your own choices. You
may ask: “Does individual liberty threaten our moral community?”, “Will people
only think about themselves?”, or even “Will we forget about the poor or the
people that are disadvantaged?” I remember the class had this discussion in a weekly
post and I recall vividly talking about me being a part of a community where
everyone helps one another be better. Individuals who are geared towards
Individual liberty feel that they work hard so why do they need to allow others
to play hard with their success? No one enjoys working hard on a project and
allowing someone else who did not help get all of the props. We cannot create a
perfect community especially since we will never be satisfied with the choices
other people make. We also cannot be content because we are dealing with Homo sapiens
and therefore we need the best possible alternatives. I like some of the thoughts
of a great philosopher Friedrich Hayek. Friedrich’s ideas were focused more toward
individual liberty.  Some people that
support individual liberties will argue that economic equity is to enable “others”
and give handouts and/or include favors as well. Ultimately two things that
come into question to me: Are we living for duty or living for beauty? Duty is your
day to day work life and in this example would be working hard all the time and
not even having the time to enjoy all of your success. Beauty on the other hand
would be not working as hard and being able to truly enjoy everything around
you and not just focus on money, money, and more money.

            Everyone has a different opinion or
argument in regards to economic equity. Economic Equity is fairness, for example
everyone getting the same treatment no matter what. Is it fair for everyone to
pay a 10% percent tax on their income? Some people will say it is while others
will argue that they have a lesser income and that exact 10% being taken out of
a millionaire’s pay is taking a bigger chunk of their money and therefore
affecting their day to day life. Does the current government use fairness? Should
government provide free education? Should we tax on property or what we own? Should
we be charged tax on how much we make? These are common questions and this is
an issue that we face today in the United States and all over the world. It is
a hot topic where disputes are made on each side of the spectrum. I believe that
there needs to be a balance between individual liberties and economic equity. How
can we get to that happy medium? I feel as though people are “woke” and fighting for these same opposite
arguments that have been haunting the world and different countries for years. It
is clear that economic equity does not work; we can take Cuba and Venezuela for
example. Since in the United States there some sort of a “balance” we can see that
we have 3 economic classes: high class, middle class, and lower class. If we
would only take the individual liberty approach there would be a clear line of
rich vs. poor just like there are in countries like Brazil.

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equals pride (emotion) plus cultural identity. This includes the simple things
like love for a nation, common language, history, geography, foundations, customs,
religion, holidays, etc. For example in the United States nationalism is
standing up for the national anthem, eating apple pies, being decked out for July
4th in an entire American flag outfit, or even eating a burger. To
me when I think about nationalism I think about eating empanadas and having a Puerto
Rican flag in the household, and dancing salsa for family events. For the most
part nationalism in “old” Europe was a unifying force that helped countries become
stronger (empires) and bring progress. On the contrary some forms of nationalism
divided empires and led to destruction, wars, and death. Today nationalism in
Europe is not seen in a positive light. It can be a reminder to authoritarian regimes
that caused so many issues within the last century for example: Germany and the
Nazis. This nationalism brought massive casualties. So why is there such an obvious
cultural difference in how both sides celebrate the love of their country? Recently
as of 2016 we saw Europe’s largest nationalist event in Poland. The world saw
mass violence and aggression in this event that has been occurring for the past
5 years. The people of Poland want to show strength as patriots. They do not
want to seem weak to the Marxist ideologies which are currently dominating
Europe. This march shows national unity and everyone coming together with the
idea of a “strong” Poland. This new nationalism is Europe can be coming from
the refugee crisis and sluggish economy. These new parties are gaining new
traction across Europe because of insecurity and failed policies.

is a negation of God. It does ungodly acts in the name of God” – Gandhi. Imperialism
can be defined when stronger nation takes over a weaker one. Imperialism is
driven mostly by economic progress, control, and political gain. European
nations felt as though they were the highest and therefore had the right to go
to other places and take raw materials, explore new markets, and take exotic
new luxuries they were lacking in their own lands. England, Great Britain, and the
United Kingdom can be the best example of being imperialistic countries at one
point.  Imperialism comes in to divide
and conquer by one: dividing religious groups and two: come in as a savior and
help them; therefore conquering them and acting as a liberator. Another example
of imperialism is the slave trade and the colonization of South Africa. Germany,
Great Britain, Belgium, and Holland just to name a few all wanted a piece of
Africa because of its riches. Some of the riches they had and still have to
offer today is: coal, diamonds, gold, and oil. Still with all of these riches
Africa is one of the poorest countries on earth and this can be traced back to the
effects of imperialism. To this day there are still wars between Muslim and Hindus
because of falsified borders that imperialistic countries like Britain and
England put down to colonize these countries. These examples are minimal to all
the other modern issues we still see and feel today due to imperialism. We can
still see how today “weaker” countries still look for Europe for safety from
terror groups. Thankfully imperialism cannot or should I say shouldn’t happen;
If it were to happen other in our time now other countries would see that as a

issues between Russia and Ukraine come from deep roots that are causing the
problems we see today .On March 2, 2012 Russia’s President Vladamir Putin tried
getting re-elected for President; this caused many objections along Russian
cities. This sidetracked Vladimir Putin and therefore he altered his master
plan from political to anti-western paranoia, conservative Christian orthodoxy,
and Russian imperial revival of nationalism (yes nationalism) which I already
mentioned that it is looked down upon in the modern age.  The following year a Ukrainian calamity breaks
out, and Putin sees this as a threat instigating that this has to be the Americans
against Russia. The following year in 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine in order to
battle against government forces. Vladamir Putin then starts to maintain his “pro-Russia”
separatist rebels (because he loves the attention) in Eastern Ukraine. This
subsequently leads to Russia forces gunning down a Malaysian airlines flight
that carried 283 passengers and 15 crew members. Ukraine’s military takes back
their territory and moves Putin’s rebels back to where they came from.  Russia ultimately ended up expanding their
military all the way into Syria .At the time President Obama and other leaders were
not only enraged because Russia violated laws. I actually saw reports today
that Vladamir Putin declared victory over Syria. Lets see what this brings us