Indirectness in Persuasive Message



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Indirectness in Persuasive Message

June 21, 2013

Mrs. Alice Smart

Chief Executive Director

Fight Against Cancer Cooperation

New York

Dear Mrs. Alice,

What has been your experience in your personal fight against cervical cancer? How do you cope with this ailment in your everyday life? Did you ever feel as though the ailment was a death sentence for you? At what point did you realize that you had cervical cancer?

The cases of women suffering from cervical cancer are increasing on a daily basis. In most cases, the women realize their condition while the ailment is in its late stages. Moreover, a number of these victims consider it their death sentence. In our school article, “Women Without Limits”, we intend to use this information to inform the women on the need for regular health check-ups in order to ensure early treatments in case one has this ailment. Additionally, we intend to use this as a platform to encourage women suffering from this disease on the possibility of having a long and happy life.

I read your story in Times Magazine and was motivated by your triumph over the disease. Did you ever feel as though the ailment dictated your end? Did the disease affect your relations with family and friends? How were you able to conquer this condition? How has this experience changed your life?

Your comments on these questions will help many women whose lives are at stake due to this health menace. We will appreciate it if you accept our humble request of conducting an interview with you on this issue.

Will you contribute to our article by sharing your experience on this issue? If yes, please email us in order to set up a convenient date for the interview. Am sure your story will not only be an inspiration to many women but also an encouragement to all cancer victims.