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India has always been a popular destination for its tasty, cheapest and highly affordable street food. And when it comes to the City of Nizams, Hyderabadi Biryani isn’t the single name to swear by. From crispy masala dosas and Rajasthan chaats to Irani chai, kebabs, Shawarma and the famous Haleem; a wide-range of enticing dishes are on the offering, especially on the ubiquitous food carts located all through the city.While there are plenty mainstream and expensive restaurants all over the place in the capital serving similar food, street food has its own variations with a blend of spices and is available in a faction of restaurants’ prices. Here are a few delicious street foods from Hyderabad that you simply cannot say no to:       I.            HYDERABADI BIRYANILet’s start off with the most clinched yet yummiest dish that the City of Nizams has to offer – The World’s famous Hyderabadi Biryani. Belonging to the Mughlai cuisine, biryani has many variations which could be easily grabbed at every corner in the city. Marinated with Indian spices, the chicken or goat meat is spread in the middle of utensil, inside the basmati rice, covered and kept under fire to cook. Flavour of the spices and meat gets absorbed into the rice, giving it a splendid aroma and delicious taste.Not only street food joints, elite restaurants like Bawarchi & Paradise serve tasty biryani at affordable prices.    II.            KEBABS & PARANTHASOf course, when you’ve a fetish for Mughal cuisine, why not relish those salivating kebabs available all around Hyderabad? Made with minced lamb meat and mild spices, kebabs have localized to include chicken, goat, beef and other meat variants. Hyderabadi dum kebab, Ginger kebab, Boti, Galouti, Shami, Kakori and Shikam pori kebab are among the popular varieties available on the streets.The perfect add-ons for your kebab platter are the Paranthas, especially the Hyderabadi laccha parantha and masala palak parantha. They are served along with different meat preparation and are absolutely mouth-watering to consume. III.            CHICKEN SHAWARMAThe Chicken Shawarma sold on the streets of Hyderabad is a delight to have! The process makes it more delicious. It comprises of a huge lump of chicken stuck on a heating iron rod which keeps on roasting the meat so that it’s edible enough to consume. The chicken is then shredded into pieces from the revolving rod and placed as a filling inside a chapatti alongside mayonnaise, vegetables & spices, and is finally grilled to serve hot.The Middle East originated dish is so popular in Hyderabad that there are dedicated stalls which only serve multiples variants of Shawarma.IV.            SOUTH INDIAN TIFFIN PLATTERAmidst all those posh areas and buzzing malls in the IT city, there are places like Koti and Abids which has several food vendors serving yummy & lip-smacking South Indian street food. Known for spicy dosas with cheese, paneer, vegetable and non-veg toppings; there are many dishes in multiple varieties on the offering like Indian Pancake, Idly, Utthapam, Vada & many more. Served on a banana leaf in a typical South Indian style, the above are served with varied chutneys and the traditional Sambar.   V.            HYDERABADI HALEEMThe Arabic dish was introduced to Hyderabad by the Chaush people during the rule of Nizams. Specially made only during the Ramzan season (though it is available all year at some places in the city), Haleem is preferred to break the day-long fasting of Muslims as it is rich in protein with high calories and is easily digestible. Apart from the real Haleem made with Mutton, Chicken and Vegetarian Haleem are also famous in Hyderabad.It is a stew cooked for hours & hours using meat, lentils and wheat, with constant pounding until it turns into a thick paste. Throughout the season, this worldwide popular dish is sold all across the city in many stalls.

If we’ve missed out on any iconic street food, you’re utmost welcome to comment in the below section.