In you never know what people search up

In today’s world censorship is a big part of America and is very helpful especially in today’s world. Censorship is so big that two-thirds of the internet users live under the government censorship. There are many and interesting reasons why we have censorship in America. Censorship is something that will never disappear because we need it in our today’s world where you can search up anything on the internet. Censorship in America is a benefit in the past and in today’s world by banning graphic content, the burning of books that shouldn’t be read and censoring content people shouldn’t view. It helps prevent kids from viewing anything inappropriate and reading things they should never say at a young age. It’s very important that they don’t just have it in America, they have it around the world and anywhere. It is something that the whole world should have and maintain. Censorship should always control America because you never know what people search up and might come across the internet. Censorship in America should never end and be forgotten. Censoring things to stop people from viewing is beneficial in many ways. It is beneficial because it allows for the protection of people that are viewing inappropriate pictures, graphic content and graphic violence. Censoring content makes society safer and harmless. Children shouldn’t be seeing graphic violence or inappropriate things so, therefore, that’s why we need censoring It helps us and America by keeping track of inappropriate things out of children eyes. Censorship also happens in many places and in the past as well.According to  David M. Kunzle author of Comic strip he says “There, despite heavy, erratic government censorship, a combination of Busch (Spanish edition, 1881) and the French models produced several original masters” (Kunzle). He talks about there being censorship even in the past and how it worked. Therefore censorship has been happening for such a long time and will continue happening as well as banning of books and textbooks.Banning textbooks actually happen everywhere and anywhere. It can happen in jails and libraries etc. The cause for the banning of the books is because books sometimes contain too much in-depth information people shouldn’t know. Also since kids read books for their knowledge purposes, the books may contain bad language or things kids shouldn’t learn about like the body parts and etc. Writings in books can actually be banned due to the inappropriate things that have in the book. George Anastaplo author of Censorship talks about how censorship ship is a good thing and protects writing from being too inappropriate in books. “Censorship, the changing of the suppression or prohibition of speech or writing that is deemed subversive of the common good”(Anastaplo). Also, Sean O’Faolain, author of The Selected Essays of Sean O’Faolain, talks about the banning of his own books because of the many causes of reading this book can do. The censoring in the books can be used because some books give too much information and not all information is true. That information given by the book can be hard to comprehend, therefore people don’t want to have to do with anything with education. I read of banning books people are known to burning books do for similar reasons.The burning of the books is being caused because of what they include in the book or they are not useful in today’s world. It helps get rid of books so people can’t physically read the book. Burning books is mainly used to forget the information that contained in the books. Stanley Chodorow, the author of Burning Books, explains the question he begins to ask himself like ” what will a comprehensive survey contribute to our knowledge of the frequency, contex and motivations of book burning”(455). He finds out that the motivation of book burning comes from when people want to forget and cut out what they learn from the book whether it can be inappropriate or difficult information. Burning of books is helpful in America because it gets rid of the books that shouldn’t be allowed to read or get a hold off.In conclusion censoring, burning and banning books in America is something that can be useful in any way. Censoring can help prevent children from seeing inappropriate content or graphic content. Overall censorship in America is something that can never go away and is always going to be useful. It helps in many ways and it happens anywhere and not just in America, it happens all over the world. It helps with keeping the bad inappropriate content away from people and more into learning the good information in books and content, not the horrible parts of it.