In to Hopper and told him that “ants

the movie, Flik creates a grain machine to help the ants collect more crops but
instead it was rejected. He wasn’t aware of the circumstances everyone was in,
when he was proposing his idea. He had chosen the wrong time to present his
idea when the ants were in a hurry to collect food for the grasshoppers. In a
state of panic, his machine ended up knocking over the colony’s season of food  right before the grasshoppers showed up to
collect them and the whole colony was punished for it. Flik ended up causing
more trouble to the ants. From this, we see that his ideas were not being
accepted because something always went wrong with his inventions and he does
not have good relationships the other ants. If Flik wanted his ideas to be
accepted, he should have thought about the reality in which he was proposing
the ideas, he should not have done it when everyone’s main focus was to collect
the most harvest for Hopper and the grasshoppers.

the movie a progress, Flik starts to build influence in the scenes with the
warrior bugs, who pretends to be heroes. When Flik went on a search for the
warrior bugs, he only thought about how he was going to use them to help the
colony defeat Hopper and to save the colony. He influences the warrior bugs to
stay when they attempt to leave but end up getting attacked by a bird, and they
ended up staying to help. This shows that Flik is starting to build
relationships with others and understand when he should be expressing his

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the end of the movie, we see that Flik begins to build credibility as he
redeems himself for the trouble he has inflicted onto the colony. Being
credible means being trusted and believed in by others, and Flik had done that.
He was able to understand the organizational constraints and how to be a
resource for the colony as he used himself as bait. This shows that Flik was
able to evaluate the situation and any factors that could limit his actions and
to put his actions to work He had become more mindful of reality of the context
and the environment around him. Flik, even in his injured state, stood up to
Hopper and told him that “ants don’t serve grasshoppers.” Flik establishes
credibility by taking a stand and showing everyone that he will do whatever it
takes to accomplish the goals. So with the trust and support from the ants,
everyone bands together to overthrow the grasshopper’s dominion.