In to be religious schools. All of which

In High Schools it is widely notable that the curriculums in
have implemented classes that cause controversy. Public high schools have many
races, religions, and cultures. This can lead to the clashes of culture that
unfortunately tear rips in a common student to student relationships; in some
instances students have said that the barrier of religious classes or
non-science classes stops a lot of people from communication and expressing
common opinions. Many parents have strife and have uncomfortable feelings
against the teaching of evolution or intelligent design in their children’s
classroom. Intelligent Design is in actuality the Bible-literalist creationism
idea with slick scientific-looking facade for people to have an extra label. It
is paramount when someone is to teach about Intelligent Design, furthermore religion
should not be taught in schools as well, not just to allow students to
understand that if one where to further career in the topic that one can do so
outside of school.  

the state of Kansas, the amount of different races that conclude to culture is
the fact it is more important than ever that it was commonly discussed about
these issues, because such differences are ascending. The amount of children
that have different religious views in a large percentage of high schools.
There is precisely 236 private schools in the state of Kansas, and all of these
happen to be religious schools. All of which don’t teach evolution or
intelligent design in their science classrooms. There is 321 non-religious high
schools in Kansas. Additionally, there is 103 of these schools that teach
intelligent design and or evolution. High school is a place where students find
themselves; and teaching this topic will cause even greater discomfort in
classroom settings. “As a Christian and as a scientist, I am against the
requirement of teaching of Intelligent Design in our school science classes”
(Strobel.) The teaching of intelligent design in high schools have created a
large rip in what should assumed to be a safe environment for students to feel
comfortable and not have conversations about their religious preferences. Even
more of a reason to not allow the teaching of such a controversial topic is to
discern that there are already pieces of this theory in high school science
In a common science class 35 students, a majority, 20, said that evolution and
religion are or should be compatible. Six students said that science has
replaced, or should replace, religious explanations of creation. Nine students
rejected evolution because it contradicted their faith. “Many people become
doubtful of their religions just because there is something more ‘scientific’
out there. Just because Darwin’s theory is scientific does not automatically
mean its findings are necessarily true.”

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show that in Britain attempts to battle the teaching of evolution did not make
it to school systems. At least, permitting parents to pull their kids out of
class is less of a problem than pushing intelligent design into high school
classrooms. “A scientific theory is not an “unproven assumption”
as one columnist stated recently. A scientific theory is a logical, systematic
set of principles or explanation that had been verified—has stood up against
attempts to prove it false. A scientific theory must make testable
predictions”(Robel.) It is eminently commented that science should not use
the methods of science to prove God exists or to prove if faith is valid or
not. One parent in the Kansas City area said that “It is good to remember that
if evolution had occurred, many missing links would have been observed. Instead,
it is seen vast gaps in the fossil records where Darwinian evolution predicted
there would be a transitional creature.”(Luecke.) Parents have opinions too and
mostly if no one has a say in what becomes in the science curriculum, in like
manner parents should be given a heads up to further communicate to their
children to maybe decide if a religious school is the best way to go. A better
solution to this to relieve parents is that there should be a permission slip
sent home to parents to allow whether or not to allow their children to learn this topic.
Even a self- aware of evolution and intelligent design website to assist in the
ways to help their child deal with the intelligent design debate. Most commonly
children get courage to speak out about what the feelings that circulate in one’s
mind is wrong; such as religion. “Advise your child not to start arguments in
the classroom. Arguing with teachers who do not believe in the biblical account
of creation will only cause unnecessary conflict or resentment toward your
child in the long run. No teacher likes to be put on the spot or shown to be
wrong in front of a class of students” (Luecke.) This is a great way to
maybe stop the uncomfortable feelings the progress of an arguing teacher and

Design is widely declared that is connected to creationism. Assuming that
creationism means at minimum some kind of literal interpretation of Genesis
chapters 1-3, as well as the affirmation that the specific course of life on the
planet has been determined by God’s hand, rather than by evolutionary
selection. So-called “creation science,” these efforts to create
a scientific foundation for creationism have been a dismal failure.  For
example, no model has ever been created to explain successfully either where
enough water for a global flood came from or where it went after the
flood.  Additionally, not even one essay in creation science has been accepted in a peer-reviewed
scientific journal. Creationists can often be heard saying that evolution is
“just a theory.”  In doing so, creationists   imply
that that evolution is on the same level as the various forms of every day
speculation that we imply when we say that an idea we have is “just a
theory.”  That is, creationists turn the technical term “theory” as it is
used in science to mean a comprehensive understanding of some large field of research
into its idiomatic everyday use.  However, the two uses of the term theory
are just not even close.  When it is said that something is just a theory, it is meant to imply the
exact opposite of what is the case for evolution; it is meant to imply that guessing
about something without enough
evidence to turn theory into a confident conclusion.

teaching of Intelligent Design in school should be eliminated from textbooks
and public school systems to prevent further school tension between religion
and belief. In addition it is best that if something that needs to be in the
curriculum, it should be introduced in small pieces as it already has been. Some people think that the thoery of Intelligent
Design should not be taught in school, and many scolars disagree. There are
three main points in history for this topic. In the 1920’s, William
Jennings Bryan launched a Christian fundamentalist attack on Darwinism. Bryan
was a leading politician, having run three times for the presidency as the
Democratic Party’s candidate. In 1925 the state legislature in Tennessee made
it illegal for any teacher in a public school “to teach any theory that
denies the story of the Divine creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to
teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals”
(Larson 1997, p. 50) John Scopes, a public high school teacher in Dayton, was
charged with violating this law, Clarence Darrow , a prominent lawyer who
promoted scientific atheism, led the legal team defending Scopes, and Bryan
joined the lawyers prosecuting Scopes. Because
creationist either stongly hate that religion is a barier that separates human
kind or their opinion is the only
one wanted their children to hear. “The Bible, which teaches that
the visible universe was created by God’s command over a period of six days,
contradicts evolutionary theory. This account, if interpreted literally, makes
scientific literacy difficult.”(Head 2) The
problem really only affects those who have stong religious views or have none
and don’t want their children getting any ideas. It causes a conflict between
schools when it is part of the schools ciriculum to teach Intelligent Design. “State-by-state
breakdown, of what’s going on in science classes around the country — and the
laws and ordinances that govern them. Louisiana and Tennessee both have state
laws allowing public schools to opt out of teaching evolution, that’s not the
only way that creationism can make it into the classroom. The public schools
teaching creationism are shown but there’s also charter schools and private
schools that receive tax-funded vouchers.”(Misra 3) Children, are mostly affected by this because of the large amounts of
people that don’t want their children to learn something out of the ordinary.
It causes the children to iether have to want to learn it outside of school or
further their education in colledge to learn anything. To teach Intelligent
Design as a theory to be discussed and not a sure way humans  were developed, and have more people speak
about why teaching intellignet design is important without attempting to prove
that it was the definite way
creation occurred.

argument from design argues from the order,
adaptation, and directionality evident in the cosmos that an intelligent designer (whom theologians call God) must
have brought it into being. In religion and science discussions this argument
has held a prominent place historically and is continually reformulated in
response to discoveries and challenges from science. There is an ongoing
discussion among scientists as to whether the cosmos in fact manifests
sufficient order, adaptation, and directionality to indicate design. Discussion continues among theologians as well
concerning the effectiveness and limitations of an argument from design for establishing the existence of God.”(Case) The problem is caused because there is such a large
amount of people that have different beliefs and may want others to know where
and how and why the world is what we came to be.”(Case) Maybe if the children
would know more about it they could be closer to finding out if it was less of
a thoery and more of what really happened.”Oxford biologist Richard
Dawkins, often described (lovingly or derisively) as “the atheist
pope” for his objection to religion, once remarked that “Around
the age of 16, I first understood that Darwinism provides an explanation big
enough and elegant enough to replace gods. I have been an atheist ever since.
“Religious fundamentalists, who also have their objections to metaphorical interpretations
of the Book of Genesis, tend to agree that evolutionary theory is a direct
threat to the idea of God.”