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In the rising action of the novel, they group of boys decided that they needed a leader, or chief. They held a election on who they wanted to be leader. Ralph and Jack were the only two people who were elected. Everyone in the group voted for Ralph except for Jack and the choir. Jack thought he was better than Ralph and should be leader. Ralph understood Jack wanted the position, so then he implies that the choir can be hunters and Jack can be the leader. Ralph tells everyone that the sound of the conch is what calls them together for a meeting. Ralph then decides he should explore the island, and that he should bring a couple of people with him. The two people that are chosen are Jack and Simon. Piggy wanted to tag along but Ralph told him to take attendance and learn all of the boys’ names. Piggy did not like this decision but understood that he had to be useful. On the way up a mountain, the three boys start to make a bond. While on top of the mountain, the realized that the island was uninhabited, and that it was adult-free. Once going back down the mountain, they stumble upon a pig tangled in vines. Jack, the hunters’ leader, pulls out his knife but hesitates in killing the pig, seeing as though it was his first time. The pig got itself free, and Jack vowed he would never hesitate again. Once they return, Ralph calls they boys in for a meeting. He tells them that they were the only ones on the island, and need rules so they would not be in complete chaos. When Ralph was talking, Jack interruptsRalph and reminds him about the pig they encountered while coming back. Ralph declared that they should have hunters. When Ralph was talking again, everyone started to interrupt and over power him. He decides that the one who holds the conch gets to talk. Piggy brings up the fact that nobody knows that they crash landed on this island. Ralph tells everyone that they should start a fire on top of the mountain, sort of as a signal just in case anyone came looking for them. The boys collected dead sticks and mulch and tried to light the fire. Ralph took Piggy’s specs to light the fire, but the fire quickly dies. Ralph said they needed jobs, such as the hunters, and people who light the fire. Once they get down from the mountain, Ralph tells Jack he worries for the little kids who have nightmares. After being on the island for some time, they start getting used to what needs to be done every day, and what experiences they will encounter, such as the hot sun, and the scary nights. Jack’s obsession with killing a pig becomes greater and decides he should go into the forest to kill a pig. Later, he comes back with a pig with the hunters. Ralph calls the group to another meeting, and the idea of seeing a beast on the island is brought up again. Jack believes that the idea of that is ridiculous because he says he would have seen it by now because he explored the whole island already. Ralph then brought up that most of the were not being followed by the group, such as using the bathroom in the right spot. On one night, there were other lights in the clouds with the moon. Nobody saw the light because they were all asleep. Something fell down in a chute from the sky, but nobody knew. When Sam and Eric woke up, the decided to make the fire brighter. Eric then noticed the thing that fell down in the chute. He and Sam fled in terror, and went to go tell Ralph. Sam and Eric explained that it  was the beast. In the morning, Ralph told the group this was their chance to catch the beast. The group then set out and try to find the so called “beast” Sam and Eric saw. During the adventure Ralph told Jack he could be the leader for this exploration. After trying to find the beast for quite some time, the were unsuccessful. One morning the idea of finding the beast has them going mad. Jack suggests they go back up and try to find the beast. Jack then creates his own tribe because he feels as though Ralph does not deserve the leadership role anymore.