In lift the curse from my uncle?”pg 91

In the novel Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya he is showing a given world where people have the presence of various family relationships, to show that family is important. One may experience the act of people deciding for others without having that person have a say in the decision making. However a individual that doesn’t get his or hers family’s opinion could be misguided leaded them to make a wrong decision. Antonio has been informed by his mother’s dreams about being a good priest and his father’s dreams by being a vaquero or a farmer, for antonio to decide he really has to become his own man and has to find a way to mix everything that he has learned and make his own decision and his new path in life by himself not anyone else trying to decide for him. As Antonio thinks in his mind he says, “And what is it about my innocent Luna blood that will help lift the curse from my uncle?”pg 91 In this quote it is shown that because antonio is a Luna he was capable of saving his dying uncles life alongside Ultima. Also because of this he has a reason to be one of the lunas instead of mariz since being a luna can save lives in his point of view. Innocence is important because if one isn’t then one could be misguided to make the wrong decision. Another example is when Antonio and his father have a conversation about life, as gabriel talks to antonio he says, “Understanding comes with life.”pg. 248 Gabriel says this because antonio was trying to find the answers to his questions to find his ownself, his father tries to tell him that he has to live through his life first to understand.Antonio sees that his mom really wants him to become a priest to be a good man but Antonio doesnt know what to decide in his life. As maria sits she says “Mother of God, make my fourth son a priest.”(pg. 45)When Antonio sees this he pictures himself as the priest his mom wanted to be and realizes that his life would be decided by someone else. This here really shows how Antonio’s mother really wants him to be a priest that whenever she sighs she says that. Another example will be when antonio and andrew have a conversation. As antonio goes up to andrew and asks, “How will you get ahead. I asked. Will you become a farmer.”pg 74 Antonio tries to find someone in his family that shares the same identity and he sees if andrew will become the farmer the thing that his mother most wants him to become. Identity is important for one’s life because one would struggle in life if one doesn’t knows who one is.Juan tells antonio that there is something special in him and that somehow he is going to impress his family in a way. Antonio hears juan say “In that one there is hope, I heard my uncle Juan say to mother. I knew he talked about me.”pg.49 People in Antonio’s family don’t want to take over control of Antonio himself but they just want him to be the one that brings hope to save the family in a way because since his brothers moved on in their lives and didn’t listen to what they’re parents wanted them to be and that’s what Maria and Gabriel are trying to avoid happening to his son Antonio. Another example is when antonio starts to think about himself as a Marez, as antonio thinks to himself he says, “It was true I thought, it is the marez in us that touches us with this urge to wander. Like the restless seeking sea.”pg. 66 In this quote it shows that its being Marez that causes the boys to move on in their lives and leaves their family. “Seeking” is very important in one’s life because if one does not seek, one could never find their way of life leading them to be misguided and bad decision makingTo conclude Antonio was the one son for maria and gabriel that would be whatever they wanted him to be since the rest of the children that they had all moved on in their lives and didn’t listen to what maria and gabriel wanted their lives to be. Maria really wants Antonio to be a priest and Gabriel really wants Antonio to be a vaquero or a farmer, Antonio now has to seek for his new identity and decide why he wants. What the parents are doing to antonio isn’t good because that is putting a lot of stress into him, they should listen to what Antonio thinks and wants to be in his future.  Antonio is surrounded by his family members that are trying to make decisions about his life without making him have a say in the decision making but also if he doesn’t have his family’s opinion he could be misguided where he could make the wrong decision in his life.