In knowledge and experience in working with my

this era of globalization, it is vital to have a broad and refine international
outlook. The Australia is one of the most progressive nation in the world with
highly developed commercial sector.

am eager to pursue my Master in Management degree from your esteemed university
because it will help me to gain international exposure of the Management which
is essential to my growth in highly competitive and progressive world, and the
university has flexible course structure, an excellent faculty, world class
amenities, and friendly environment for students. It is the perfect destination
for pursuing my higher education and it will help me to develop into a Management
professional with virtually unlimited potential. The Master in Managementprogram of
your university will nourish my skills in respect of vision and concepts. It will
allow me to identify opportunities and threats, which helps me to get familiar
with the diverse Management strategies and also accepting and managing its
risks, which I believe will contribute in the growth of my professional career
in management. I hope my experience and insightful learning from your
university, will help me to work as a professional manager in an international
context and also allows me to expand my father’s business by venturing into new
areas in near future.

belong to a business family background and my father owns a construction
company. I witnessed the business activities of my father and I always got inspired
by him. I completed my graduation in BBA, Which, given a strong foundation of
management. So far I have used my knowledge and experience in working with my
father’s firm and I have assisted him on various projects. I worked under him in
a project and helped in improving inventory system, broaden the supplier
network and upgraded the operation system. This contribution helped to complete
the project before deadline and 12% cheaper than the estimated budget.

from my academic I also lean towards various extracurricular activities which
has helped to developconfidence and elude my stage fear. I have been a part of
various role plays, quiz, drawing competitions, social works and subject’s
project. As has been a part of these activities I somehow have developed
leadership qualities and while pursuing mygraduation, I have enhanced this
quality by participating in various activities and competitions where I lead my
team and motivated them to achieve our goals. I have won the title of “The
Brand Ambassador” from college.

addition to my experience, I further developed my skill as an intern under the
supervision of chartered accountant, where I engaged in account audit activity.
I have been a part of society service named’Bright vision organization’ where I
worked as an Assistant project coordinator for alcohol prevention. I
believe that we pass some responsibility towards it and we must serve the
society for its betterment.

have lots of hobbies and great love towards sports. Due to which I have
selected physical education as my main subject in senior secondary school. I
like playing Cricket, Football, Table tennis and some athletic activities like
long jump, Short put. Being a sports person I have developed sportsman spirit
in myself, which gave me the ability to accept the failure and learn from them.
It also helped to evolve never give up attitude in me.

I belong from the most diverse cultured country “India”, my
experience about different people and the intense market of my country will
contribute to your master program. Management studies are more about team efforts
and leadership activities, I feel that my strength of motivating others and my
leadership qualities with the essence of Indian expertise help to bring a new
experience in your management program.