In in detail how my whole day has

In society many people don’t even realize they have somethingthat is called norm and what that means is there are rules for how people shouldact in a certain group or models of behavior labeled by society.

By having thisrule called norm many people feel safe and comfortable in society without evenknowing it. Most norms are usually predictable and people like the feeling ofpredictability in their society because it’s a way of making them feel safe. Havingnorms are very crucial to today’s society without them there would be chaos. Thereare different types of norms depending on which society one is located in. People’snorms would not be the same if they are at home than if they were at school,work, or simply out in public. Have you ever talked to someone and they neverbroke eye contact? The answer would be no because according to our social norm,people keep eye contact for a while then look away for a couple of seconds andmake eye contact once again.

If someone were to keep eye contact the whole timeamong someone, one would automatically feel uncomfortable and what the personthat is maintaining the eye contact is doing would be called breaching. For my experimentI decided to go out in public and breach to test these norms for myself. I wentto different places around my neighborhood to see how people would react to mejust telling them in detail how my whole day has been so far after they have askedme how my day has been going.            First thingto remember is when someone asks you how your day is going, normally one would replywith one word or a casual short answer such as “good” or “so far it’s goinggreat”. With that being said, you could only imagine how people started toreact once I started telling them about my whole day. The different types ofreactions I got varied from culture and age. I noticed most of the older peoplewould try to engage with me and actually give me some kind of advice or justsimply carried on a conversation. Whereas the younger group typically felt extremelyuncomfortable and would not say much or tried to get away as quickly as possible.