In he also goes through a painful memory.

In this chapter, the story begins
with the narrator is in a hug of a man named “Bob.” He begins by saying “Bob’s
big arms were closed around me..” which state that in the moment Bob was
hugging the narrator tightly as the narrator wanted to cry. In my opinion, I
think Bob is a nice person, as he opens up for everyone who feel depressed and
make himself as a shelter for them to express their feeling. Moreover, Bob is a
warm-hearted person, this is because the narrator says that “every week Bob
wraped his arms around me, and I cry.” This support the idea that Bob is a
really nice person who cares about other people and he open up his mind in
order to understand other people. Furthermore, deeply inside Bob he also goes
through a painful memory. His testicles were removed. Instead, of have a
healthy hormones level in a body, Bob’s body has tits due to the level of testosterone
that are too high and causes the body to produce estrogen to make it balance.


My impression toward the narrator
as I read through the chapter is that a narrator is one of the person who have
several problems going on in his life. As the narrator says he goes to the
support group for a period of times and feel like it was his vacation, a place
who could express his emotion out. From this, I think the narrator is a
difficult person to understand, and his mind are not set. The reason why the
narrator goes to the support group is because he has a symptom of being
insomnia as he went to see the doctor. Beside going to the Above and Beyond
group, he also goes to Remaining Men Together on Sunday afternoon. Another
reason the narrator goes to the support group is to cure himself and find out
the actual reason of what is causing him to face insomnia. This can be
supported by the fact that the narrator’s doctor says “insomnia
is just the symptom of something larger. Find out what’s actually wrong. Listen
to your body.”

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As the story
goes by there is a new character named “Marla Singer.” Marla is a new member of
the support group who acted differently and happens to catch the narrator’s
attention. For example, while a man is crying against her neck, Marla decides
to smoke a cigarette in a cancer group. Later on, Marla becomes a problem
toward the narrator as he states that “since the second night I saw her, I
can’t sleep.” This can be shown that Marla is now in the narrator’s head which
causes him to over thinking and not be able to sleep. The reason why the
narrator refers to her as fake is because while other people are coughing and
curing themselves in the support group, Marla is there smoking a cigarette and
rolling her eyes. From this, the narrator states that he was able to see that
Marla is lying. In my opinion, Marla is trying to be different from others.
While other people are suffering, she shows that in the last period of your
life just do whatever you want and do things which keeps you happy.