In had either given or received oral sex.

In today’s society sexual content
and language have greatly changed over the years. Young teens making adult
decisions before they are even physically or intellectually ready. Teenagers in
Canada and around the world are at great risk due to the media’s influence on
sexual behaviour and disease such as aids, stds, and unplanned pregnancy. Each
year teens are engaging in sexual activities at younger ages and it is
dangerous. Due to the increase in access to media by internet, magazines, teens
are actively engaged by sexual content whether it is at home or in public. The
negative influence of media on teens is encouraging sexual activity at
increasingly younger ages.

to Statcan, 43% of teens aged 15 to 19 had sexual intercourse at least once and
that the percentage of teens reporting sexual intercourse was higher at older
ages. About one-third of 15 to 17 year olds have had intercourse, compared with
about two-thirds of 18-19 year olds. The study also indicated that the younger
a person is when he or she becomes sexually active the longer they are at risk
of unwanted pregnancy or of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
Activities that teens participate in such as smoking drinking relate to the
risk of early age of first intercourse. One-thirds of the 15-19 year olds who
had intercourse reported as well to have done it with more than one partner and
roughly three-quarters of currently sexuality active 15-19 year olds reported
using a condom. Each year, there are approximately a million new STD
infections, and almost half them are among ages 15-19 year olds.

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in a day, popular shows teenagers watch contains sexual content. It is no doubt
that a teen aged 15-19 years old have been exposed to this. According to Teen
Sexuality by the numbers, 55% of girls and 58% of boys had engaged in some of
sexual contact while 47% of girls and 49% of boys had either given or received oral
sex. The internet and media is a place which teens are exposed to sexual
content making them sexually active with one another. Teenagers who watch more
than fourteen hours of rated R shows containing sexual content are more likely to
have multiple sex partners, which inevitably being diagnosed with a sexual
transmitted disease. Children who are naturally curious about sexual matters
may be inclined to look online and explore in places where they are not supposed
to. 46% of teenagers reported searching for sexual content actively online.
Online pornography and sexual imagery hurts young minds and can cause teens to
be addicted.

            The number of teenagers involved in
risky sexual behavior is increasing heavily every year. This problem can be
because of an misconception of how sex is viewed by teens without knowing the