In from using effective tools and methodologies which

In general, this study has been conducted to develop a comprehensive framework to measure and analyze customer satisfaction. The framework power comes from using effective tools and methodologies which are SERVQUAL, SPC and Six Sigma. SERVQUAL instrument has been used to identify the customer requirements and highlight the gap between perceived and expected levels. SPC is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process, to take meager knowledge of individual items and turn it into meaningful statements, which may then be used to make decisions about the process or batch of products that have been obtained in real-time during manufacturing. In fact, Six Sigma contributes effective tools to analyze the customer needs and requirements. By analyzing and eliminating the root causes of customer dissatisfactions, the companies will boost their profits. Nowadays, it is common to find many companies are not collecting data because they have not used or applied some sustainable techniques to keep tracking the processes to help understanding customer needs and the requirements limits. Firstly, Likert approach which is invented by Rensis Likertis used to examine the level of satisfaction for customers and then eliminating the gaps in all the processes and to reach the minimum level of deflects and as a result investigations onthe products produced by the company are they meeting the customer specifications. Afterward, identifying the characteristic of service satisfaction related to Service Quality, Statistical process control (SPC) and Six Sigma (6?) through a survey that will be designed and distrusted to help in achieving the objectives of this study. Lastly, the combination of SPC and Six Sigma tools will be used to analyze the processes and solve the problem. The original Likert scale used a series of questions in the survey with five response alternatives: Strongly agreeAgreeUndecidedDisagreeStrongly disagree In this point, the joining of both applied techniques would turn out with the holes of satisfaction identified with the disconfirmation hypothesis. SPSS software is used to conduct the results of validity and reliability test against the questionnaire and respondent which will help to improve the customer satisfaction against the quality of service provided. Figure 1 shows the final year project flow diagram and figure 2 shows the research work flow chart.