In Bruenig argues that the families with higher

In the essay “The Case Against Free College”, Matt Bruenig, the author, argues on the topic of free college. In the United States, students receives many types of public benefits such as living grants and subsidies to help pay for college. Some student activists, as well as other people such as the left, are complaining about this benefit. People have been complaining so much that they have started movement to make  college  free. Bruenig argues on the controversy of free college. He does this by explaining the different way that people interpreted free college.


Bruenig than starts to talk about the fairness of college and how we don’t have a good understanding of student benefits. He goes on to the main problem with free college is that background of students. Some student comes from wealthy family’s whiles come from poor families. Bruenig argues that the families with higher incomes have a better chance of getting a degree in the field and being more succeed at college. Then students with lower income families. This means that the majority of people who would receive free college would be to the richer students according to Bruenig.Bruenig does say that thing might change for poor students because they will be given a chance to attend college for free. But he still argues that we would give more money to the rich and this a big problem.

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Bruenig doesn’t say that there aren’t people out there that really need fiancé or that their people in high debts. He does say that there are cases like this, but they are extreme case. Also, the student who obtain a four-year degree generally is in a better track financially according to Bruenig. Bruenig solution for free college is that “it should not be under a restrictive student rights banner, but instead under a general pro-welfare banner. “on p.583. The author isn’t against free college per se, but instead, he is against wealthy students getting money that they really do not need.