In abuse, which allows the social abuse of

In the seventeenth century, small children were used to climb and clean the chimneys. The task of these kids was to climb and brush the inside of the fireplace with small hand brushes.  A master prefered children who were small in size, three years up to twenty years old. The reason was so these kids would fit and be strong enough to get inside the chimneys.  This was the most dangerous work for the children, especially when the child began to work. Being sent by the chimneys the first times caused a great frustration in them and this also caused the children to scrape their arms, legs, and knees. Sometimes their knees and elbows would be left with no skin their boss would just wash the wounds with water and have them continue to work after a while the child developed calluses making his task a little easier to carry. But this was just the beginning of this work because there was also the possibility of suffering a great fall or having the fear of being trapped in small chimneys that could easily cause death. Also many times the inhalation of substances damaged the system in an irreversible way.                                                                                                                           This is an important issue since it shows how the children were exploited and suffered abuse at their young age just because of the need they were in, for which they were forced to work in these horrible situations, in which they were on the edge of death, it shows a great negligence since many died and did not take importance to them since these children were the orphans and simply used them while they could and then they would leave them abandoned in the street when they became too big to enter the chimneys.  Chiefs did not feed them well or simply put them on a strict diet so that they were sufficiently thin and long to go down the, chimney even many of these children were kidnapped to teach in this work.These children not only have the loss of their loved ones, but also the loss of their childhood and their innocence to be forced to suffer abuse, which allows the social abuse of child labor to become a corrupt society, this shows the impact that these corrupt teachings have had on society in general. These children were always cruelly mistreated, living a life as slaves in some of the worst unimaginable conditions ,the associated dangers in these deaths was mainly to stay trapped in chimneys 18 inches wide. Much of their death was caused due to the design of the chimney especially the turning at the time a child was stuck between closed corners and walls of soot, a second child was forced to enter the chimney to rescue the first, and sometimes both would die for various reasons and sometimes even the walls of the house would have to be knocked down to get the child or children stuck in the chimneys. These children received little food and generally slept in homes at the top of the blackened bags that were used to collect soot, many children were disfigured, others suffered from delays in growth due to the way they were treated and placed for their employment this caused that there were delays since sue bones and bodies were not fully developed.This shows us that the children were very exploited in such a way that this could lead to their death, we can see the great negligence that was experienced thanks to the corruption of the government and the financial situations for which the children and the citizens saw themselves They are forced to suffer and cause negligent decisions to be made, such as selling their own children or exploiting them to have an income.