If legally held accountable for their choices which

 If there are people out there who do not believe in the actuality of a wage gap, it is even more unlikely for a solution to be achieved. The wage gap is a prominent matter that troubles women everyday, and initiation of a true change will help narrow the gap.A large leap towards equal pay would be to pass legislation. The Paycheck Fairness Act is the strongest way to go as it updates and strengthens the Equal Pay Act to ensure that it will provide effective protection against sex-based pay discrimination” (Roy). By having Congress pass legislation, employers are legally held accountable for their choices which will cause for a more structured and clean-cut work environment. This will leave workers, especially female workers, to be reassured that they are receiving fair treatment in a welcoming atmosphere. The comprehensive bill bars retaliation against workers who voluntarily discuss or disclose their wages and those who raise concerns about gender-based discrimination. (Roy) If individuals are able to share their wage information without the result of getting penalized, this will allow employees to have verify if they are getting paid appropriately. It also allows women to receive the same remedies for sex-based pay discrimination that are currently available to those subject to discrimination based on race and ethnicity. (Roy) By giving the gender wage gap the same weight as racial discrimination, it elevates the level of seriousness and will cause businesses to understand the importance of equal pay. Passing legislation will be the key factor to fixing the wage gap issue and once it it established, everyone will be on the same playing field. Women will finally be given the fairness that is deserved. This topic of unequal pay in the workforce needs to be openly addressed and seized legislatively in order to truly enforce change. There are women working the same amount of hours, displaying the same amount of skill, exuding the same amount of effort, and yet, are still getting paid less. The salary administered should be based upon skill set, background, and attitude, rather than gender. A change in cultural norms and expectations will aide in the decline of the wage gap and can be solved through awareness and spread of the information. Employers must be more mindful and empathetic to their employees while hiring and distributing promotions. Not all positions can go to men, as women are just a capable, if women are given the opportunity, a step towards reform can occur. In order to produce fair working conditions, Congress must pass legislation that holds employers accountable for gender discrimination rather than penalizing women. And rather than punishing employees who voice their wage information, transparency should be enforced to reassure fairness. The blatant acts of discrimination in the form of wage gaps need to end because males holds no superiority over women that would cause for such. In conclusion, let us recognize this issue, spread awareness, and finally stump the inequity- equal pay for equal work.