If I Was a Millionaire



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If I Was a Millionaire

The dream of becoming rich is widespread. The hopes of becoming wealthy are that money brings security and freedom. Money can be used to show off one’s success and boast to those who previously insulted, rejected or embarrassed a person. Wealth renders the weak influential and the unloved lovable. It acts as a transformation instrument that can cure everybody. This explains people’s aspiration for wealth and the extreme behaviors sometimes seen in search of extreme wealth.

Despite the materialistic concept associated with money, it is an essential component in life (Means 12). Money provides people with the ability to buy goods and services that are essential for their entertainment and survival, or that of other people. There are people who view money and riches as avenues for a better life, and should be spent intelligently for the benefit of all people. Bill Gates, for example, sacrifices billions of dollars to provide financial aid to the less fortunate. Such people believe that money is not only a device for gaining material wealth, but also a factor in individual performance, personal relations with others and a helping behavior.

However, there are those cruel people who forfeit love and happiness for money. Gold-diggers, fortune hunters, robber barons and pool winners, are all examples of people who are driven by the quest for power of money. This has made them increasingly aggressive and kept their minds off track that there are highly important aspects to consider such as, sustaining lengthier and healthier lives. Eventually, they may get it and find that it is of no use.

Money not only brings happiness, but also comes along with several problems. This will be attributed to the character of the person who has the money. Money will empower people to buy what they could not afford before they were rich. This may include unethical materials such as drugs, sex, pornography and alcohol. These addictions have significant effects on people’s finances, health and time. Money and time spent on unethical acts could have been used on other productive activities. In addition, poor lifestyles such as pornography and sex addictions may result to HIV/AIDS infection.

Overspending is another money problem that comes along with riches. With more money, many people tend to become extravagant spenders. They will increase the frequencies of shopping on unnecessary materials. For example, some women are addicted to shopping for clothes. They do not buy the clothes because they are essential, but because of fashion trends and class recognition. Wealthy people are more likely to change their friends. They will socialize with equally wealthy people and cast away those who are financially inferior to them. Their new friends may negatively influence their lifestyle by introducing them to unethical practices.

It is, therefore, vital that people should realize that money is not everything. It is a fact that wealth makes people powerful in the society. However, the same money could bring rich people to their downfall if not wisely spent. There are so many tings in life that cannot be bought with money. Love, and in certain circumstances happiness, cannot be purchased. Theses feelings can only be manifested by one’s character. A person can be happy and loved by other people regardless of their financial ability. Despite their wealth, rich people cannot command these factors to work to their advantage.

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