If devoted ourselves to the well-being of our

If you are suffering from
misery, aching muscles, pains then you definitely know how it feels? So then
you really need a good massage? Or possibly you just badly need a massage
therapy and hit this page instead- so don’t go anywhere we can help you!

You can find the functional
therapist who delivers productive medication in the home of Movement Mastery.
Located in the heart of Mentone. We contribute to delivering specialized
healthiness servicing that help in bettering your overall musculoskeletal
health. The maximum level of care to our patients are provided using the
patient-centered approach as we devoted ourselves to the well-being of our

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To promise you the best
possible outcomes, we have maintained the team of specialized myotherapists,
remedial massage therapists and exercise physiologist. To identify the
resourceful factors of your condition, we deal with fully functional and
structural analysis. To provide best possible results for managing and relieving
pain, we develop effective treatment plan considering your individual needs.


Different services offered by
Movement Mastery are listed below by using soft tissue techniques,

Remedial Massage

To realign
muscles, fascia, tendon, and tissues to facilitate in repairing damaged and
dysfunctional tissues by using Soft tissues techniques. As pre and post
evaluation is conducted to see whether the treatment is effective and giving
productive results or not.



structural and functional misalignment causes the musculoskeletal pain and
dysfunction. The healthcare fundamentally focused on evaluation, medication,
and reformation of musculoskeletal pain is primarily the system of Myotherapy.
The medication therapy needed for the chronic and acute conditions is used in
Myotherapy as well as for precaution management.


Myotherapy and Chiropractic practitioners used dry needling technique. The
“Trigger Point” is the region where the fine filament needle is inserted into
the muscle or tight band of muscle. To achieve a local twitch response is the
objective of dry needling in order to release muscle tension and pain. Most of
the subjects do not even feel it when the needle penetrates the skin, as the
needle used is very thin.