Idea Approval Assignment



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Idea Approval Assignment

1. Introduction

Expansion of Mcree enterprises operations all over the world The first step as take-over of some small businesses dealing with similar products in various countries and changing them into Mcree outlets The changing of the organizational structure of the businesses to conform to that of Mcree enterprises

2. Situation Overview

The major challenge experienced as the interaction with the employees of the company. Language barriers as a great obstacle in the management of the employees: In a country such as china where the market is twice as much as in the United States, communication was a major problem and the introduction of new management styles became difficult to establish. Consequences: consumption of too much time in training the employees in the expected operations and this led to major losses before the organization became fully established.

3. Related Ropes Tails

The takeover of organizations perfectly resembles the process of invading a man’s hut as describes in the Ropes. Mcree change strategy on the organization structure of the businesses and the organizational culture. This would require learning the organizational culture and adoption of a slow process of change since change is dependent on the perception of the employees on various issues.

4. Management Theory

Planning is prominent in success of any management team. Planning in this case involves the creation of effective methods of changing the organizational culture. The culture of the subject organizations requires studying for understanding and for identification of areas requiring changes and those that do not affect business operations.

5. Similar Future Situations

Prioritizing the planning of methods of takeovers is crucial for the success of the operation. The organizational cultures and the culture off the society in which the organization is established require proper analysis. Language barriers elimination through training of the employees on foreign languages is possible.