ICT in the Wide World Web

Life has changed in a major way, compared to life in the olden days. Computers and the internet have been invented and are a huge helpful source to organize things, communicate with other people all around the world, and to make things easier for us. Many people use ICT daily, because it is technology and this is used daily in society. The internet and computers keep progressing throughout the years, with completely new things to help people progress. There are many types of sensors, these are the main things that help us, and these are connected to technology, just like a computer.

MP3s, MP4s, Ipods, and Gaming devices, all work in a similar way to computers, although there are less options you can do with them. These are called microprocessors, although there are many types of microprocessors, and in this case, they are for entertainment. The difference between my system and other Travel Agencies is, their system is more complicated, although that is because it includes the billing form, which I do not have included in my system, since I am not doing that stage.

These systems also include a variety of different sources and options, which I think they created by using other kind of software’s, which are completely different to mine. ICT has created entertainment all around the world, by creating certain websites. An example is Youtube, this is a website that is aimed at people from ALL ages and origins and that is exactly why it is a successful organization. Even though Youtube is within ICT, it is also brought up and mentioned in daily language and even on the television.

Youtube includes not only music, programs, movies, but it also includes daily people uploading their own videos to be broadcasted to the public, and I think that motivates the users, audience into joining in, and taking part. The internet (part of ICT) has also had a huge effect of socialising for people. This is by what is known as chatting, making friends, and online dating. A few organizations that include all of this are, MySpace, Bebo, and of course, any other online profiles.

Hosting your own site is quite easy and is a good way to ‘spread the word’. Advertising is a huge common option used for the World Wide Wed. Even on other websites, you get pop up advertisements from completely different organizations, which attract your attention to get involved even more. Now there are even websites that you can get involved in and participate by buying or selling anything you want, from cars to perfumes.

Organizations such as eBay and Amazon are quite known throughout society, and people who have not heard of them are people who do not use computers at all, because these online stores can only be accessed to by the internet. The organization makes it even easier, with just ordering whatever it is you want, and interact with other customers to get to know about what they are selling or buying. Another advantage of this is that they can be open 24/7 because the manufacturers do not need to monitor the site, but of course do need to look at queries and answer questions.

Every real life market has its own website, and if not, then it is not thought of as a successful store. Most of the stores websites even try to get you interested and show you a brief preview of their products and where they can be located. Some market advertisers even base their whole market life online. Biometrics is even IT based and is a huge help for the safety of people. Biometrics is divided into two parts, one of which is Behavioural and Physiological.

Behavioural are related to the behaviour of a person, such as keystrokes, signatures, and voice. Physiological are based on the shape and detail of body parts, such as face, fingerprints, hand, eyes and DNA. Both Behavioural and Physiological biometrics are related, because they are both described as an ID of a person. Biometrics also relates to lasers, because lasers are also another way of identifying a person, depending on where the laser will scan someone. Nowadays there are rapid development of technologies, and brand new useful technologies.

Depending on the job, you need to always look over new technologies and study them, because you have to train up to keep your job. Unlike the olden days, locations for work may vary. Some jobs you can work from home, Hotdesking (this means that you can work from any computer because you would only need a computer to access it), Wireless Networking, Intranet/ Virtual Private Networks, which is a communications network combined to another network, and dedicated for a specific network.

Communication has changed and is now much easier than ever before, videoconferencing is now available for anyone, even if it is not work related. MSN/ Yahoo live are both examples of organizations that let people communicate through voice, camera, or even both, to hear and see each other as if it is in real life just through a Webcam and Microphone. Podcast has a very similar meaning to broadcast although Podast is related to podcasting on the internet, rather than television.

A podcast is when media files are distributed over the internet worldwide. Intranet is another way of communication. An intranet is a private computer network that uses network connectivity to share any wanted organization’s information with its employees. The internet is the best way to communication, because it is reliable and easy to use. Chatting is partly one of the main things people are interested, and research is very easy due to the internet. Working on paper and pen is now a past, especially when it comes to work.

Every job placement has to involve computing, jobs like marketing and ICT especially. Using paper and pen, is like scrap and not exactly formal. It is also one of the quick ways of writing what you want, and most people use pen and paper is just to note down quick ideas that pop up. Buying specialist SW designed for specialists’ tasks is quite expensive although the results are pleasing and worth it, and it is essential. Also involves specialist-training requirements, because of course everything has a requirement.