I when I did my diploma in mechanical

am PRAVINKUMAR AG, a 22-year old
from Coimbatore, India. I belong to a family of four which include my parents, me and my brother. My
father is a businessman (cotton textile and coir industry) and my mother is a homemaker.


Joel A.
Barker said “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision
just passes the time. vision with action can change the world”. I believe in imagining
things, pursuing them with all my strength and shaping them into reality. I
believe imaginations can be transformed into reality through progress in
science and technology. I decided long ago to study engineering and did not
miss any opportunities to learn how the machines in our everyday life worked. My interest in this field
was further enhanced when
I did my diploma in mechanical engineering. And I have got a wide range
of practical knowledge throughout the course with some work integrated learning
by the internships in the mechanically
related company.

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From my childhood, I am fascinated by robots
and machines which can reason, think and behave like human beings. My interest
in this field was further enhanced by Robotic exhibitions and competitions,
especially ROBOCON
organized by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), AYA1 (In order to peruse my passion for robotics, I joined
Mechatronics Engineering) this inspired me to pursue my undergraduate in mechatronics
engineering. There I have undergone various workshop based on robotics
presented by ABB and also participated in a basic robot programming training
given by DENSO. Thus,
my graduation in Mechatronics Engineering has laid a
strong foundation of the subject apart from giving me satisfaction to the
amount of learning, also when I
checked for career options after my graduation, the jobs offered for
Mechatronics Engineers are very limited in core companies and I came to know
that the growth after getting job with my UG degree is slow in salary and
positions, so I planned to join my
family business to support my dad.

An entrepreneur acts to
bring visions to reality. I have longed to be one and have learned from my
reading that modern entrepreneurs have all worked to use technology for the
betterment of our lives. And also, the way my father
used to manage and Marshall his subordinates in our family business to get the
optimum result has developed a keen interest in me to choose my masters in

normal management degree doesn’t use my engineering knowledge in any way of
managing. A degree with
engineering knowledge and management can provide a good blend of advanced
technical knowledge and expertise along with the required management concepts
and business know-how and also It
will also develop my abilities to analyze
problems from a business perspective, keeping in mind the constraints and
limitations of the real world. so, I started looking for a course with a combination of
Engineering with Management for pursuing my masters and soon found my Masters
in Management specially designed for engineers.

I did a comprehensive analysis and found that the top business
schools like Indian Institute of Management offered only Post-graduate program in Operations or Systems Management
which focused on only a few aspects of
engineering management. The few universities like Manipal Institute of
Technology and SRM University which offered a similar course did not have a
dynamic course structure covering all essential aspects of management and also
did not have strong industrial connections which would give me an opportunity
to understand how real-time projects are handled. I
have always wanted to do my master degree in a globally recognized university
that not alone just prepares me for the course but also provides me the
opportunity to explore myself and develop the attitude to think independently,
be creative and be self- reliant. That’s why I decided to pursue my master
degree abroad in an English-speaking country.


The most impressive foreign country to
pursue my master’s in engineering management was Australia since I felt the
courses offered at Australian universities provided value for money. Australia
is a country with state-of-the-art technology having a multicultural
environment which would result in me in
acquiring knowledge about solving diverse managerial and technical problems on
a global stage. Australia also provides an internationally recognized degree.


different education surveys, among many universities in Australia, I have
chosen Central Queensland University,
where international students are equally treated like national students and are provided with high skilled
teaching members. It is also the most affordable college in Australia which is
rated top 2 percent of world universities and number 1 for teaching excellence.
Apart from this, I have decided to pursue my Master’s degree in CENTRAL QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY because of its
unique course structure and strong industrial connections. I also found that
the course was much more advanced when compared to similar courses in other universities
and matches the market trends. Its Strong Industrial connections would help me
to apply my learning to practice by
collaborating with leading organizations. And also CQ university has a
wide range of support programs for the students, life can be difficult for the overseas student as the university has provided a range
of support program for students to acclimatize with their new environment.


I am completely aware of the cost of
this program where
the tuition fee for the entire course is AU$ 51936.00. AYA2 My parents and
I are willing to spend the money required for me to earn the Master’s degree in
Engineering Management at CENTRAL QUEENSLAND University. Also, I am aware of the student visa conditions
(subclass 500) which permit
international students lawful entry into
Australia to achieve their educational objectives. I also know that I must
maintain satisfactory attendance in my course and course progress for each
study period as required by my education provider. This visa allows me to study
a registered full-time course in Australia and allows me to work a maximum of 40 hours every fortnight when
my course is in session and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. I have
made adequate arrangements for health insurance during my stay in Australia through
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

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