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??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I Just want to say thank you for taking your time for checking out my staff application if u liked my application tell in the comments +1 and the reason why if u disagree//don’t like some of the stuff I said -1 and tell me how I can fix it. diers.IGN (In Game Name): I had a previous in-game name but I just recently changed it to diers if you would like to see my name history//skins click on this namemc link! https://namemc.com/profile/diers.3Age:I am 17 years of age and I will be turning 18 very soon ! 🙂 Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)Country: United Kingdom (London)Do you have a good quality mic?:  Yes, I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Gaming Headset but I may have some background noise to do my mother coming in here and there. Also, I haven’t configured my new mic in Teamspeak because so far I haven’t seen a use in using it because me and my faction use discord.Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?:  Yes, I use both programs But I choose to keep my telegram private as of now I will obviously give it to the manager if I get set to pending. Also, my name is a little weird so don’t mind it xd. How many hours can you put in the server per week:On a Monday – 4:00 to 12:00 (School day)On a Tuesday – 4:00 to 12:00 (School day)    On a Wednesday – 4:00 to 12:00 (School day)        Thursday – 4:00 to 12:00 (School day)       Friday – 4:00 to 12:00 (School day)                   Saturday – 1:00 to Whenever time  (Weekend)              Sunday – 1:00 to Whenever time (Weekend)The times listed may fluctuate as school and sports may get in the way and sometimes I will be hanging out with my friends.Any previous punishments on Faithful?: I have been banned once or twice because I was using huzuni and blatantly cheating on Hcf, Practice, Kit map because I was quitting the game due to staff abuse and a lot of irl stuff was going on at the time but so far I have no ideas//plans of quitting the game or leaving for a very long time so I’m hoping to apply and get accepted to spend the rest of my time playing this game putting my 100% effort into being a staff member on the FaithfulMc Network. Also, I will be willing to make up for my mistakes and be more helpful in anyway shape or form as I am sorry for what I have done ie. why I made an appeal and it got accepted.-Spam – I was being very immature and spamming because I got mad and over time I got banned I did accept this ban I didn’t appeal because I felt like the ban was fair and I didn’t feel like the ban should not have been justified. – Area 51 – Yes as you can see if you read the first paragraph I did indeed get banned by Area51 because I wanted to quit the game due to staff abuse and other stuff.- Block glitching – I did get banned for block glitching once for twice because at that moment in time it was when I wanted to quit the game so I didn’t actually care what happened to me and my account also I got warned before I got banned so I just kept doing it because I wanted to get banned.- Mute’s – Yes I have been muted a lot for many stupid reasons I do sincerely regret and I apologise for what damage I have caused to the staff team and players of the FaithfulMC Network. Once again I am Really Sorry for all of these bans/mutes and I am willing to make it up to the manager and Killa and I’m hoping to have a fresh start if I have the opportunity to join the Faithful staff team.- Abusing a Glitch – I did indeed get banned for “abusing a glitch” because I was trapped in a two high base and I pearled on a single block and I glitched out after I did regret what I had done I did try and appeal but it got denied and I understand the reason for why it got denied. Any past experiences in being a staff member: PulseHCF – I was staff on PulseHCF for about 4 to 5 months while being staff I learned a lot of key tools and attributes of being a staff member as this being my first time ever being staff I was a bit sceptical about banning and freezing players over time I got used to it and it became a job I loved and I wanted to do every day over time I got promoted to mod and then got promoted again to mod+ the reason why I left the PulseHCF staff team because at the time the owner epicay was going through alot abuse on the internet so he started taking it out on the staff members and sadly he was saying stuff and being toxic towards me so I just chose to resign so I didnt have the same abuse and stress every day. As the server close down I sadly cannot remember the name of the server but it was the old owner of Valux’s server – On this server, I really did learn a lot like I learnt the basics of SS’ing (screen sharing) and support rooms I feel like this server really made me develop as a staff member and the server made me more mature as i was getting the right orders and getting giving respect which I think is verry valid when you are a staff member also I was helping alot of the other staff members with commands and how to run the mass moves and just genral stuff and in my opinion that made me feel good becuase I felt like I had alot of knowledge I did sadly get demoted from the server due to staff member leaking my personal information so I got verry angry on vaction so I got into an argument with the owner about him being demoted so I got demoted for staff disrispect and harrasment. (Admin)Valux – Because I was staff on the owner’s old server (Urn) (oprot) I did get offered a spot on Valux but I felt like my goal wasn’t to moderate a server like Valux because I preferred to moderate HCF even though I can moderate practice servers I feel like my heart and my energy goes towards playing and moderating HCF even though I turned it down they did teach me a little more in Teamspeak and sent me new strings to clients and ways to find vape and other private clients and I thank them for teaching me and giving me extra knowledge.  I know I don’t have a lot of experience but I do indeed have a lot of knowledge and I am willing to learn and try new things to make the why I staff better.Why do you want to become staff?:The reasoning behind the reason why I want to become staff is when I was staff on all of my other past experiences (PulseHCF) (Valux) and (oprot’s server) I felt like a lot of the time the staff team wasn’t up to par but so far on my time playing the FaithfulMC Network I feel like the staff team is up to par and the owner generally puts in a lot of his time on the server and unlike other owner’s he takes time to move players in his support room and helps people who have had buycraft problems. Another one of the reasonings is I want to be apart of a new network and a network full of nice respectful players that I am willing to help and support them in any way shape or from ie mentally and in-game I do understand that there are many players who lose their temper because they can’t get their stuff back or they’re not getting revied and I understand that and when players do that I control myself and deal with the situation with a calm and collected mind. Another reason why I want to become staff on the FaithfulNetwork is that I feel that I will put my 100% time and effort into helping players and other staff members on the server (if needed) and I will be trying my hardest every single day that I log on and I promise that I will be active and listen to every word that my manager says and I will be active in all of the support rooms and I will be willing to take all chances I have on the network and in the staff team.I also feel like I will be active on the server, for example, I will be constantly be checking /helpop and /report I will also be looking to catch any players using glitches // exploits that give them the advantage over other players and I will instantly report it to a higher staff member and put it in the telegram chat.I will always be using the random teleportation tool so I can try and catch as many hackers as possible and will always be on the radar for banning and checking reports for other hackers and closet cheaters. ( I will be recording every time I freeze // ban a player.)Why should we accept you as staff?: (-) Maturity: I think I am very Mature standing that I am pretty known on Faithful HCF, also I do not get very mad and that is a very good thing that a staff member needs and that is what I think I could improve on being staff, when I go into ts with a staff member they usually get mad at me or start being toxic towards my standers and I think I could improve on that.(-) Experience: I have good experience counting that I was staff on Pulse HCF, I was Mod+ and then I resigned because I think they did not meet my standers on what I could accomplish and I think Faithful HCF is the best thing that will meet my standers and I think I could make Faithful HCF a way better server counting on my experience with Pulse HCF, I was also staff on (oprots) HCF server I was admin but sadly it shut down then (oprot) made Valux and offered me a job but I turned it down.(-) Responsibility: Well I think I am very responsible counting that I am 17 years old and I really know well about HCF and I was a staff member of a HCF server but I think being responsible goes very well with being staff on Faithful because you have to be on almost every day and that you have to not treat your friends better than other people and I think Faithful staff need to work on that. It is a huge key part of how you can show a good Faithful staff member is and a bad one.(-) Motivation: I am very good at that even though sometimes I have a very bad day I still get on and try to make the most fun out my day playing Faithful HCF and that is what I think Motivation is and I think I am the most or closest motivated person on Faithful HCF because I am on every day I stay up all night playing Faithful Speeds, Clans or Tribes and that is what I never see Faithful staff doing. sometimes you have to wait 20-30 minutes just to get moved and they barely cover what you’re asking for and that is what I think I can improve on.(-) Personality: I have an amazing personality you can ask anyone that plays Faithful, I am not Toxic at all knowing that that is a good staff member is not toxic and a great person to work with and I think I meet those standers.(-) Patients: I am very calm and patient I do not have a short temper with staff and players of the network and I know how to deal with a situation with a calm and collected mindset.(-) Activity On The Forums and Discord: I am active on discord every day and it is the same for Teamspeak I love to help people and I make an enjoyment out of when a person says thank you and I love when people ask for me and not others because I think that is a good thing and I want people to ask me questions, also when I do come into Teamspeak I wanna get all the Teamspeak screamers out and all of the very toxic players calling others racist things.(-) Kindness and Helpfulness: I am willing to help staff members with commands and other members with there needs and I really want to help all or to close to every staff member and players needs.Additional Information:I’ve tried super hard on this application so it would mean a lot to me if you could take your time to read my application and give me your honest opinion.Words. – 2,240 words 11,321 characters