I my shoulders I had to get into

I belong to an Indian
immigrant family who had settled in the United Arab Emirates in the late 1990s.Having
lived in a foreign land has helped me extend my mind to various cultures. The
Great Recession called us back to India where I pursued the rest of my
education. For my undergraduate studies I took up the course in Information
Technology at S.I.E.S College. The exposure I got from my undergraduate course
bolstered me in my decision to pursue Master of Science in Information Science
at Pace University.

College was a breath of
fresh air and the three years I spent here have made me into the person I am
today. The faculty of Information Technology Department helped me to discover
Network Security with all its algorithms and safety measures to prevent loss or
damage of data. It was enthralling to know that I had access to such
entertaining information and I grasped onto every bit of knowledge that came my
way. I am a highly skilled programmer as can be verified from my final year
project. I had developed an Attendance Management System for educational
institutions to access the attendance information and determine the attendance
eligibility criteria of a student. A seminar conducted in the college opened me
to a new world of bypassing security and exploiting backdoors. It was not long
after I decided that I wanted to become a Network Security Expert. I knew that
brute-forcing my way in and manipulating vulnerabilities in networks was where
my interest lay. Soon, online courses and discussions with my professors sated
my appetite for knowledge. Being the eldest son and the responsibilities
falling on my shoulders I had to get into the corporate world to support my
family. Halfway through my course, I took up a part-time job as an English
teacher at a coaching centre. This meant that I was not able to concentrate
well in class which led to a few backlogs. However over time, I learned to
maintain a rigid balance between my professional and academic life. I am certain
that this experience would help me when I pursue my graduate studies.

Upon completion of my
undergraduate course, I wanted to invest more into my education. This is why I
started researching about Master’s programs across the world. I found the
Graduate Program at Pace University to serve my needs perfectly well. I
strongly believe that the core course of Security and Information Assurance
will help me to understand the encryption techniques alongside computer and
internet forensics, forming a requisite for a successful career. I wish to
study under Dr. Li-Chiou Chen as her interests in Cyber Security inclines with
mine.  To support my education at Pace
University, I decided to take up a high-paying job at Reliance Jio Infocomm
Limited. I worked as an Executive in the Customer Service Division and solved
technical queries for more than 150 customers each day for 12 months. I was
promoted to Subject Matter Expert and trained future batches until they were
ready to go on production.

My time spent working
at Reliance Jio has shown me that India now consumes more data than ever. The
total mobile data traffic per month in India is expected to grow to 13 Exabytes
by 2023 according to reports by Swedish mobile maker Ericsson. Storage of data
is cheap and this has considerably increased the risks of losing it. I believe
that the knowledge gained during my tenure as a master’s student would help
contribute to the industry. This will in turn pave the way for my future as a
Network Security Expert. I wish to implement new technologies using which I
could help the community against loss or theft of data.

I have always been
inclined to serving in the community since my early years. As a young child, I
spent a lot of time at the local church and helped out in the way I could. Even
when we moved from U.A.E to India, I made sure that I always gave back to the
community. I did this by helping my mother start a coaching centre within our
home. We helped the neighbourhood children with their academics and as the
years progressed, the number of children increased as well. We now have more
than 60 children who study in grades 1-5; they come in for help regarding their
studies. It has been extremely rewarding as it has taught me how to be
attentive to my audience and how every problem in the world can be solved with
determination and patience. The numerous struggles involved in the coaching
centre have emboldened me to become a better teacher.

I believe that the
incredible forces of my past have now brought me to this moment of realisation
as I apply to pursue Graduate studies at your esteemed university. It is not
often when you have this clarity but when that happens it does imbue you with
the strength to look upon your future. I can say with conviction that if
offered an admission, I would do my best to be a notable alumnus at your respected
institution. I thank the admission committee for considering my application and
sharing my enthusiasm.