I microcontrollers, Embedded System Design, C and Data

 I strongly believe there is no limit to the
human mind. Ever since I was a child I was always interested by things which
puzzled my mind. As my father was an engineer he answered every curious
question of mine in a way which made me question further. This thought process
has made me excel in mathematics and science throughout my school. Therefore I
selected maths and science as my major in further studies.

an interest towards technology and science, I took up electronics and
communications as my major in undergraduate studies. I was accepted into Padmasri Dr. B.V. Raju Institute of
Technology, Jawaharlal
Nehru Technological
University. My time
as an undergraduate student here has shaped me into a different individual
altogether. I learnt how to study a subject in depth and how to analyse
different subjects together to find solutions. I learnt various subjects like
Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Analog and Digital Communications,
Digital Signal Processing, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Digital Design
Using Verilog HDL, Basic Simulation, Control System Engineering,
Microprocessors and microcontrollers, Embedded System Design, C and Data
Structures, Computer Organization & Operating Systems and Computer
Networks. I was most interested in practically applying these concepts in labs
and my scores in lab work and project work reflect this.

            Although I chose electronics, I have
gradually developed an interest in Computer Science from the first year of my
college. During the first semester we were introduced to computer
programming. As I was always interested in mathematics, I picked up programming
swiftly and had been learning new technologies and tools in programming ever
since. I have used the knowledge of both electronics and computer science to
develop mini automation projects like wearable health monitoring system and mobile
controlled home automation. I have developed an Image recognition based
surveillance system which substantially reduces data requirements of a
surveillance system by filtering identical and inactive imagery and also
enables using a single camera for 360 degree surveillance through automated control.
While working on these projects, I realised the potential of software