I languages, different cultures and explore new technologies.

am an enthusiastic, determined, confident youth born in millennial
era with fast moving world where distance and communications happen
at extremely fast phase. I was lucky to have international exposure
from very young age to travel and study in different countries and
cultures. This kept me out of my comfort zone to learn and understand
new languages, different cultures and explore new technologies.

On my 8th
birthday I was given 2 catalytic books “Tell Me Why?” and “Tell
Me How?” both published by Chancellor Press, these books
subconsciously altered my mindset to a more knowledge seeking one.
I also started asking more
intriguing questions “How does this work?” and “Why does this
happen?” which overall heightened my curiosity of technology behind
everyday objects such as a smart phone, TV, microwave etc. I am a
quick, avid learner and can solve the Rubik’s cube in under a minute
to add I am also a hardened Sudoku fanatic and an active member of my
schools chess club.

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After completing my O
levels I took a “Future-wise” test to get career guidance from a
third party, its results connoted I was a kinesthetic learner with an
aptitude in engineering and technology. As a result I signed for an
internship at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus under the
Electrical engineering department in the summer of 2015. One of the
project was to construct a PCB board from scratch, starting from
coating it in copper foil to soldering a battery, transistors,
capacitors, diodes and LED’s. I kept this circuit as a reminder of my
experience at the university of my goal to become a well qualified
engineer. My involvement in the internship programme further inspired
me to pursue higher education in electrical engineering.

During the first year of
my 2-year O levels I was at OFS Singapore in a IB system. In the
second year, I moved to KLASS Malaysia in IGCSEs because of my
father’s job placing him in different countries all the time. At the
IB system, in Computer Science subject programming language “Tex”
was taught whereas at the IGCSE system different Programming language
“Python” was required in KLASS. I was enrolled into Computer
Science Coursework which required decent skills in Python (covered in
first year) and this Coursework was 60% of the overall IGCSE grade. I
was at a disadvantage during my high school qualifications and the
grades I have gotten do not fully serve as a representation of my
academic abilities

Missed deadlines to apply
for regular admission at my desired universities, so I thought it
would be a good idea to take a gap year to apply in the next batch
giving me a better opportunity to get into my aspired university.
Meanwhile I decided not to waste my gap year and take online courses
and academies, at the same time helped my family in home
renovation/improvement project. To elaborate I have been taking my
online courses on “Udemy” by Mr. Kirill Eremenko to further
extend my knowledge in Intermediate Python. I plan to learn more
languages such as Java and C++ in future. Furthermore I used a
programme called MIT app inventor and created a app for the PE
teachers of my school, it was a database which helped the teachers
upload and search for their sports events and ceremonies.

In my extra curricular’s I
am an all-round athlete, at OFS Singapore I part of the delegation
society of the MUN in addition was captain of the cricket team and
won 3 MVP’s and 1 Sportsmanship award. Then at KLASS I represented
the basketball team at a FOBSIA event in Thailand. Lastly at
SuperNova School I won 3 table tennis championships and cam runner-up
in 2 whilst also being a part of their basketball team.

Moving to and from
different countries my entire adolescent life having been accustomed
to change and international exposure have no problem moving overseas
to seek higher education at a reputable institution. Studying in the
UK will be a step in the right direction for my future and provide me
an opportunity to become independent adult.