I images. This project got selected for Smart


I cannot hold my excitement as I
pen down my statement of purpose for the Masters in Computer Science program
offered at your university. As I look back at my journey so far, my
undergraduate studies along with work experience as an assistant software engineer
have propelled me to arrive at this decision. And coupled with my zest for
learning and becoming proficient with the latest technology, now is the right
time to pursue graduate studies.

As I recount my philosophical and
intellectual growth as a computer science student, the field of Information
Security captured my imagination. From passwords to Blockchain tech, I have
remained enamored with security aspect of technology. I want to continue this
foray during my graduate studies and gain advanced level and employable skill
set in this field. Now I want to specialize in the domain of Information
Security and graduate studies will provide a perfect launch pad for it.

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Academically, it was a rocky road
in the beginning of my undergraduate career but with time, I improved and
thoroughly enjoyed the core subjects – Data Structures, Analysis and Design of
Algorithms, Operating System, Wireless Networks, and Network Security. Also, I
broadened my ken of classroom concepts through my academic projects.

I submitted my major project on
Suspect Recognition. It involved assessing the records to perform facial
recognition to catch a suspect. It can be used in legal and medico-legal cases
to administer justice on the basis of concrete evidence. Our major obstacle
during the project was how to ameliorate the accuracy of face recognition. To
overcome this, we increased the training images data and also used similar kind
of images.

This project got selected for Smart
India Hackathon, which is a nation-wide non-stop digital product development
competition, where innovative solutions for complex problems are judged. The
other fascinating project I worked on is Streaming Twitter Data Analysis using
Apache Spark. It aimed at incorporating the search function in Twitter feeds,
which is currently not present on the social media platform.

To supplement my theoretical
knowledge, I attended a few training programs. In my freshman year, I was a
part of C and C++ languages workshops from Universal Informatics, Indore. The
next year, I participated in J2SE, J2EE (Servlet, JSP) learning workshop
organized by Techmen Compusoft, Indore. Also, I underwent training in Recruitment
Processing Outsourcing Web Application from TekPreneur Info Systems.

After my bachelor’s, I enrolled for
two-month training in web designing at Abhyudaya Multimedia. However, given my
performance and technical acumen, I was offered the job of an assistant
software engineer. Since the past six months, I have been contributing to the
database designing of the on-going projects of an e-commerce store, a
supermarket and billing software. This experience has further amplified my
technical expertise and reinforced my desire to pursue a master’s degree,

Apart from work and academics, I
have learned invaluable lessons through my active involvement in
extracurricular activities. I participated in a dance and mono acting
competitions at the school where I showcased my creative streak. In our
college’s annual tech fest, I organized multiple technical events which
polished my communication, management, and teamwork skills. Also, I worked as a
coordinator in Robo Swim, a technical event testing robots capability to swim
and maneuver through a race course with various hurdles.


On the personal front, being born
in a countryside area my acquaintance with computers was negligible. However, I
got interested in computers because of my mother who signed up computer classes
and transferred the importance of computer knowledge to me. During middle
school, I wrote codes in BASIC on a Commodore computer. As my interest
developed in coding, I created a maze game. At that time, designing a game and
its functionality problems were a tedious task, but my diligence and unwavering
support of my professors allowed me to complete the game. This incident
instilled a burning desire to explore the computer field and cemented my
bachelor’s degree path.

In selecting the University of
Central Missouri, I have been influenced by the way your research program
addresses the advancements in computer science. I am eagerly looking forward to
your courses on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computer Networking and
Security. I am excited to interact with Professors Dr. Yui Man Lui and Dr.
Anshuman Singh whose work is closest to what I want to pursue the original
research component of the MS degree. While browsing the university’s website, I
have been impressed with the state-of-the-art research amenities and vibrant
campus activities.

To sum up, I aspire to contribute
to and learn from the academically challenging environment at the University of
Central Missouri.