I desire, however, is not to focus further

I have been motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically to being a professional in the field of science from my young age. Growing in a family where two or three individuals are medical professionals, I live to appreciate how medical sciences are of help when it comes to healthy living. My desire, however, is not to focus further only on the medical filed but rather pursue nutrition program at masters level so as to integrate the field of science and general public as far as healthy living is concerned. My main goal is to be a competent and experienced nutritionist of which I know the demands now are wide since people are currently realizing the effects of food considering the increase in ailments associated with food. Some of the examples of illnesses that I have seen affecting people are obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and others. Having my level increased to master’s qualification, I believe I can offer effective education programs and advices to the public on food as well as creating an appropriate dietary guidelines to people in the society. Also, I will be able to provide solid scientific explanation of the choice of diet thus raising my desire to study nutrition at master’s level. My burning aspiration for going to this profession is that it encourages constant development when it comes to health technicalities as well as creating the right personality of being a global outreach professional in the field of nutrition and science. From my understanding on the nutrition program, I know it is about providing a comprehensive patient care which is important to the modern science.In my undergraduate program, I came across portfolios on food technology, planning and scientific research on different units/courses. Some of the things I did were investigating the impacts of vitamin C level draying on food and also designing vegetarian diet. I further did a number of experiential research on the content of different foods. As far as academics were concerned, I found that these experiences can be rendered to the real life situations to promote healthy living. I have not had much experience in the working world, however, being a health care assistance for elderly in our local health center has exposed me to the practicality of this course. I have been in several community services where I had the opportunity to help underprivileged children to understand the need of staying neat. Although I was born in a developed country where at this era people have somehow understood the need of healthy living through food, I have furthered my interest to know how individuals in developing countries such as those in Sub-Saharan Africa are doing through television programs and academic research in those areas. As a result of these experiences, I feel delighted about pursuing nutrition program at master’s level as I believe that it will be a good experience for me professionally and public socially. I thank you in anticipation that you will accept my application and hoping that I will be a prospective master’s student in your institution.