I always been enthusiastic about computers and other

I was born and raised in the city
of Bengaluru. Well known for its good weather all year round and stupendous
growth in IT has developed as a major IT hub for India. I grew up here in
parallel to the growth of technology. Since my early days I have always been enthusiastic
about computers and other tech.

During my school days I was
working with a local social worker as an instructor in providing computer and English
education to the less fortunate kids in the neighborhood. I considered it my
responsibility to learn new things and teach them. In this process of teaching
kids for about a year I observed that I had gathered more knowledge which would
have not been possible otherwise. This role for a year had a positive impact on
my life. I felt the difference in my daily life as I transformed to a positive
and highly optimistic person. Since then it has been my dream to become a professor.
A profession where we just don’t teach others but teach ourselves in the
process to become a better person.

My grandfather is a farmer but my
father had to quit agriculture and move to city for the sake of my education
and a job in the city. This is true for many families from villages in India.
They are forced to quit due to raising labor wages and prices required for
agriculture. This is something that has always troubled me. I’ve always believed
that agriculture can be made attractable and profitable with the introduction
of advanced automation technologies.

I started working on my final
year dissertation at BMS College of Engineering on automating irrigation using
IoT. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Harish Mekali and Prof. Dr. K.R.
Suresh. I developed a general purpose IoT board for Agriculture and
successfully implemented it in irrigation. The project I worked on is being researched
on in BMSCE till date under Prof. Harish Mekali for the reduction of cost
incurred in the manufacturing of the board. Phenomenal development has been
made till date in terms of cost and performance.

After graduating from BMS College
of Engineering I started working at Sonata-Software Ltd. (Global Village,
Bengaluru, India) on July 2015 as Data Scientist. Here, I was introduced to the
world of AI and Machine Learning and its applications in numerous fields. Currently,
with about 2.5 years of experience I have worked on several types of Machine
Learning algorithms for Retail and Travel. My current education level isn’t
sufficient in achieving my goal of being a professor to research and automate
agricultural practices. I also believe that a formal education in the field of
Data Science is necessary in widening my knowledge and improving my skills.

MSc in Computer Science – Data
Science Strand offered at your institution will greatly help me achieving my
goal. I look forward for my post graduate education at your esteemed


Thank you,
Sandesh G
[email protected]
+91 9738807196