How they have broken the curse and explains

How does Sachar show that fate might have influenced Stanley and Zero?Holes, a novel written by Louis Sachar, is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats. Stanley’s Great-great-great  grandfather, Elya Yelnats, broke a promise and was cursed by Madame Zeroni. In the book Stanley is sent to a juvenile delinquent center called Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn’t commit. Stanley befriends a boy named Zero, who ends up being Madame Zeroni’s descendant, and together they break the curse that was set upon his Great-great-great grandfather. Yes fate might have influenced them but it could have also been the result of the boys’ own choices.Stanley unintentionally fulfilled the promise to Zero which broke the curse that was set upon Elya by Madame Zeroni, which is how fate might have influenced Stanley and Zero. This can be seen on page 172 where, “Stanley dragged Zero closer to the hole. He dug, then scooped some more water and let it pour out of his hands into Zero’s mouth,” and on page 176 where, ” As he drifted into sleep, Stanley softly sang him the song that had been in his family for generations.” Scooping the water and singing the special song was the act that allowed Stanley and Zero to break the curse and was the promise Elya had to fulfill to Madame Zeroni. This shows how they have broken the curse and explains why it was fate that influenced them.When Zero threw the shoes over the bridge, that was how everything began. That moment changed both of their futures drastically. There is more proof on page 184, Zero admits that if he “had just kept those shoes, none of them would have been here right now” this is how if Zero hadn’t stolen the shoes the curse would have kept on going for who knows how long. Therefore this proves that without them meeting the curse would have not been broken.Another way that fate finds a way into Stanley and Zero’s life is through the flashbacks of Katherine Barlow. Thanks to Sam planting the secret onion field and Katherine making the spiced peaches, both Stanley and Zero survived outside Camp Green Lake for several days. There is proof on PG : 68, ‘Zero held a jar in his hand and grunted as he tried to unscrew the lid. “What is it?” “Sploosh!” His voice was strained as he worked on the jar. “That’s what I call it. They were buried under the boat.”‘this is proof that the spiced peaches saved Zero’s life. There is more proof on PG : 76, ‘As he continued to widen his hole, his hand came across a smooth, round object. It was too smooth and too round to be a rock. He wiped the dirt off of it and realized it was an onion.’ this proves that Sam and Katherine saved both Stanley and Zero unwithout doing it intentionally. Without the onion field and spiced peaches Stanley and Zero wouldn’t have survived and without them the curse would have not been broken.Fate has brought Stanley and Zero together to break the curse just like their ancestors have been brought together to start the curse. Thanks to Zero stealing the shoes and Stanley walking home their paths started finding their way to each other. When Katherine brought the spiced peaches with her when she tried to escape Zero was able to survive. Although Sam also helped by planting that secret onion field. This is how