How far do you agree with the proposition that there should be a complete ban on fireworks

I think that fireworks are wonderful. They fill us with full of joy. However, some people abuse their freedom and cause a great deal of unhappiness. A total ban on fireworks, in my opinion, would be foolish and absurd since there are already some laws and regulations which control the use of fireworks. Just because there are some people who abuse fireworks, the majority of people still use them sensibly, so why should everybody suffer?

The Chinese invented fireworks so it celebrates their culture and their contribution to the whole world. When they are used to celebrate Diwali, a word which means light, they help show the entertainment and religious significance which brings people together.

Fireworks provide us with entertainment and delight because of all the enjoyable colours which make people feel happy and cheerful; for example ‘Star Frenzy’ which is a firework full of rainbow colours which inspire the imagination. I still remember when I was younger I used to love fireworks, they sparkled and glittered which makes it almost impossible to forget about and also the sound effects which are also amazing such as the bangs, buzz, whiz and screeches. Fireworks are simply stunning and colourful as well as being part of a very long tradition which should not be banned.

Sale of fireworks without a licence is permitted only at certain times of the year and on special occasions such as Bonfire Night, New Years Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali. Even so, there are law breakers.

There are criminal gangs which use the sale of illegal fireworks merely to make money. Some argue that the police should or could work more effectively to ensure that the laws are upheld. Fireworks could be said to encourage more criminal activities, some of which are linked to terrorism which means that there is extra work for the police to try and stop such activities. Without question, I believe that the police are already trying their best to stop such activities but I know it will be very hard to stop all criminal activities such as throwing fireworks in cars and exploding them in dustbins.

There are also some relatively unthreatening incidents such as loud sudden noises but there are very serious cases like tying bangers on cats’ tails and throwing them about which can be extremely dangerous. A complete ban could also take the problem underground which makes it potentially unsafe. In 2003, 1000 people were injured and 5% of which were very serious that they had to remain in hospital. As revealed by a newspaper article same fireworks are massive called ‘Mortar Bomb.’ These are category 4 fireworks which are about the size of a football which can ‘easily blow up a wall so they could definitely take of someone’s arm.’ This shows us how dangerous fireworks can be and the injuries they can cause.

I think it is absolutely right that only people over the age of eighteen can purchase fireworks since this will reduce the risks and that people, normally teenagers who use fireworks as a weapon to harm others will be stopped. The RSPCA had also reported that many animals suffer because of fireworks. It is a criminal offence to hurt animals and people can be fined up to �500 or up to six months in prison. I agree with this as I think that fireworks should not be used as weapons to harm people and especially animals since they can’t fight back and it is very cruel.

In conclusion, I think that it is good for fireworks to be only sold to whoever is over the age of eighteen and only to be sold at certain times of the year which can reduce crimes. There are other rules and regulations concerning the sale and use of fireworks but I don’t think it is appropriate to have a complete ban on fireworks as it is a long tradition and if used only in special occasions like New Year, Bonfire Night and Diwali it will keep the problem contained. A complete ban would also drive fireworks underground which makes it unsafe which I believe no one wants this and it would cause even more illegal fireworks to be imported from East Asia.