. How can human resource management contribute to

. How can human resource management contribute to a company’s success?

Human resource management contributes in a big way to a company’s success. They are responsible for making decisions that can affect the company. These decisions include whom to hire, what to pay, what training to offer, and how to evaluate employee performance directly affect employees’ motivation and ability to provide goods and services that customer’s value. These decision are on the top of the list for importance to a company. If the company did not have a human resource management, you could run the risk of hiring employees that did not take the job seriously, making the business fall short in funds, not having their employees properly trained for the position, and disappoint their returning and future customers. 


9. A friend hears you are taking this course and mentions an interest in an HRM career. Based on this chapter’s description, what advice would you give your friend?

I would tell my friend that this is a very important decision that can affect not only the business that she would be hiring for, but the people that she is hiring. This job is a high risk high reward type of job. I would let her know that there are multiple positions that full under the HRM career. It starts at a Human Resource assistant, which is an entry level job. This is still an important position, but they do not hold all the cards in their hand. The ladder climbs to a Benefits analyst position, which is an intermediate level and continues to climb to manager to training director. I would tell her that many HRM professionals have a college degree, so I would encourage her to get a degree first. This career choice must have people with skills that are balanced with attention to details of law and knowledge of the business. I would encourage her to follow her dreams.


Part 2

If I had to pick an area of interest in the human resources department, I would choose to work in the HR administrative roles. The career title I would like to have would be Payroll Coordinator. This position is responsible for processing and managing the payroll process, maintaining reports, payroll processing, and other employee-related expenses and programs. I choose this job because I love numbers. My favorite thing to do is mental math and memorizing numbers. I have eleven years’ experience counting large amount of money for a mobile cuisine business. I could count the money quickly and efficiently. I could count different stacks of different values and remember each stack’s amount and add them in my head. For this reason, I choose to work as a Payroll Coordinator.

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