Honorable easily carried away politically and emotionally. According

Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations, before moving on
to the momentuous agenda, this delegate would first like to express that she
feels truly honored to participate the conference of UNSC in YMUN 2018.


In fact, there is no exact common definition of
terrorism. No universal agreement on it. Many governments are hesitating to
form a restrictive definition and various official agencies use diverse
definitions. This is because the term ‘terrorism’ is apt to easily carried away
politically and emotionally. According to Matusitz (2013), terrorism includes following
constituents. First, the use of violence or threat of violence in the pursuit
of political, religious, ideological, or social objectives. Second, it can be
committed by governments, non-state actors, or undercover personnel serving on
the behalf of their respective governments. Third, terrorism reaches more than
the immediate target victims and is also directed at targets consisting of a
larger spectrum of society. Last, it is a crime that is made illegal by
legislation and crime that is inherently immoral or wrong.


There have been numerous terrorist groups in the world. A
global media company Forbes has made a ranking on terrorist group and the following
ten terrorist groups have been revealed to be the richest among the world. From
the tenth, Real Irish Republican Army, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeda,
Taliban, Hezbollah, FARC, HAMAS, and IS. Recently, the most influencial and
richest terrorist group is after all, IS (Islamic State). It has been expanding
its scope of activity and the number of victims. For instance, in November
2015, Paris terror and in July 2016 Turkey international airport terror


Due to terrorism involves severe and tragic results, most
states and nations oppose it. However, to Iran, relationships with terrorist
and militant groups are integral to Iran’s foreign policy. For example, the
clerical regime in Tehran supports various organizations in the Middle East and
maintains the capacity to conduct international terrorism outside the region. Supporting
those militant and terrorist groups in such Middle East as Iraq, Syria and
elsewhere benefits Iran in several ways. To be particular, it endows Iran
leverage against regional rivals such as Saudi Arabia by strengthen pro-Iran
voices in the region by tying allies. Their terrorism and destabilization
efforts are primarily a threat to U.S. and allies in the Middle East. In other
words, it can increase Iran’s influence.

Unfortunately, Iran’s revolutionary ideology has long
taken a backseat to more strategic goals. Iran has sponsored terrorist and
militant groups in the Islamic world since the 1979 revolution. But after the
decades since the revolution, Iran has used terrorism and number of supports to
undermine and harm rivals, intimidate the Gulf states and other neighbors,
disrupt peace negotiations that might isolate Iran and benefit Israel, deter
enemies, et cetera. Iran has also sponsored terrorist attacks to take vengeance
on countries that have supported its enemies.


Even if Iran commits lots of actions that might violate
global peace and international rule, considering current situation of that as
the public recognizes, the world is getting threatened by those of terrorist
groups and already countless places are destroyed by them, this delegate admits
the time has come to take profound actions to resolve those problems.
Therefore, she
highly recommends UNSC to discuss upon the issue of terrorism regarding the agenda
item B. And on that account, despite Iran may have somewhat
different perspective, the delegate of Iran would like to inform her will to
participate in debate regarding the agenda.


To deal with the agenda, since the problem is fairly
broad, there should be lots of things to ponder. In this conference in YMUN
2018, in UNSC, this delegate hopes considering several ideas as following with
other delegates. First, what is the most urgent elements to be provided for
those who are damaged by IS-controlled regions and how could each country can
help in their position? Second, why IS commits all those terrorist activities,
what is the problem in our world that lead them to act like that? Furthermore,
what elements should be replenished and how should our society globally
endeavor to embrace and be blended with them?

Also, this delegate belives stipulating whether IS-led
terrors can be considered as genocide or not is essential for the reason of
that it can differ the way of viewing them and treating those issues.


   As everyone perceives, problem terrorism is
unique, fatal, and must be solved for the humanity’s security. Through this
conference in YMUN 2018 in UNSC, this delegate expects to have passionate and
fruitful debate and yield the best resolution to secure the international