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Is Power 90 Extreme, P90X, the best home exercise system on the market? Is Power 90 Extreme, P90x, the best home exercise system on the market? P90x is a home exercise system developed by Tony Horton, which is intended to improve physical fitness in 90 days and can played by DVD on home televisions. P90X improves physical fitness through an extremely challenging periodized training program combined with a nutrition and supplement plan. It uses the concept of muscle confusion by switching the order of exercise and incorporating new exercises during each phase.

The program combines a variety of exercise styles, including strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, stretching and only requires one hour of training per day. P90X is the best home exercise system because the equipment is relatively cheap, the training is intense, the nutritional plan is easy to follow and the results are phenomenal. The equipment required for the exercises can be purchased at most local retail stores to include Wal-Mart, Target, or any sporting goods store. Not only is the equipment easily found, but it is relatively cheaper in comparison to other home exercise equipment.

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Some standard equipment that is suggested with P90X includes yoga blocks, yoga mat, dumbbell (optional), pull-up/push-up bar, push-up handles, and a chair. Resistance can also be purchased to substitute the use of dumbbells and pull-ups. All equipment can be purchased for around one hundred dollars. One hundred dollars is much cheaper than other advertised systems such as BOWFLEX, which can be purchased for around two thousand dollars. The training has the most intense variety of exercises and most workouts are under one hour in length. P90X does not focus on a single fitness style like other home exercise programs.

It combines strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics and stretching. Combining all of these forms of exercise allows maximum physical fitness. Other compared programs, seem to focus on one area instead of using a total fitness concept. The P90X program is 90 days in length, exercising six days per week. Most compared programs are much shorter in length because they combine more muscle groups together instead of exercising one or two muscle groups daily. P90X’s nutritional and supplement plan is extremely easy to follow. The nutritional plan is broken into three separate phases intended to go hand in hand with the exercise schedule.

Each phase has a step by step meal and supplement plan to include a list of items needed for the diet plan. The diet plan consists of a simple to follow time schedule. No other marketed program is as simple to follow as the P90X nutritional plan. The results produced from the P90X system are well beyond any other systems or programs. Some results of the program are increased stamina, lean muscle, increased strength and cardiovascular endurance. Other programs tend to target cardiovascular fitness, but P90X improves all aspects of fitness.

Most people are shocked from the results produced. They are extremely proud of themselves when the results are seen in the mirror. It is the single most, result producing program out there today. Overall, P90X is the best program in the home exercise market to date. All equipment is cheaper than other similar programs. The nutritional plan is the simplest plan to follow with step by step directions that cannot be confused. The last, most important aspect of the Power 90 Extreme program is the results produced. P90X is the best home exercise program on the market.

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